Back to the Underhive – Part 1

While re-arranging the shelfes, i freed up a second one for my Inq28 / Necromunda / Inquimunda Collection. So i decided to proceed doing inventory and basing some of my collection. Therefore i needed to restock on bases.

My Dark Eldar Warband is based on some Voodoo Worx Alien bases, that range was sold to Secret Weapon, so i had to buy them in the states. Fun fact, they arrived at the same time as the Dark Art Bases below, ordered in the UK.

Voodoo Worx / Secret Weapon Bases Voodoo Worx / Secret Weapon Bases

Dark Art Miniatures has a broad range of bases and i use them all over for my grim dark miniature collection.

Dark Art Bases

I got myself a restock of the urban bases, and went for two new designs, the tomb and sci-fi deck. They come for a good price, a set of 10 for 3,50 GBP. But i noticed that the quality of the casting has decreased, a lot of flash and a few more air bubbles than before.

Dark Art Bases Dark Art Bases Dark Art Bases

So let's get started, putting some metal upon resin bases. I have managed to build up quite a large collection of hard to find and rare stuff from the old Necromunda range, Mordheim and other stuff that i found usefull or fitting for the setting.

Inq28 - Bases

So as henchmen i went for some Frateris Militia from the old Battle Sisters range and some Mordheim flagellants.

Inq28 - Frateris Militia Inq28 - Henchmen

Next up some charming Dramatis Personae, first Redemptor Kyrinov, Mad Donna Ulanti, Karloth Valois and Brakar. And in the next picture a set of four bounty hunters.

Inq28 - Characters Inq28 - Bountyhunters

So much for Part One of the re-visit of the Underhive.

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