Blood Bowl humans revisited

After the 2016/17 relaunch of Blood Bowl, I took the time to take a look at the current status of some of my teams and get a feeling what to do next.

As I already have quite a lot of teams and miniatures for the game around, there was no need for the whole new box, so I managed to buy just the pitch along with rules etc. on eBay. I have the 2007 (?) metal team around, but wasn't to happy as I missed a few of the mold lines prior to priming and started out with a too dark colour. So they got the special treatment and I stripped the colours, for a new beginning.

Blood Bowl - 4th / 2007 Edition Humans

It is a complete team, with 4 blitzers, 2 throwers, 4 catchers and 6 field players. I even have the matching starplayers from the 2007 update, with The Mighty Zug and Griff. The later is even painted, as you can see below.

Blood Bowl - Griff Oberwald WIP

Grubbing around in my Empire miniatures box, I collected a few crew men as team staff, as stand ins for trainers, training assistants, apothecary etc. I have to take a closer look on what I can field in detail. I even own a proper Blood Bowl mage, but that one is somewhere in one of my bit boxes. As I really liked the new Ogre and the price seems fair, I got that one as well to reinforce my team.

Blood Bowl - Warhammer Fantasy Empire Assistants Blood Bowl - Ogre, Mighty Zug and Human Fieldman

The new team will be playing in Carroburg, and will be wearing the red and black dress of the famous Carroburg Greatswords. I'm not yet decided, if I should go with a name like BC Reikland Carroburg (as the city was fought over between Middenland and Reikland) or have something like the Carroburg Cardinals or Crusaders.

I got a great goody by Dino, who gave me his 3rd edition metal human Blood Bowl team, all positions and even an ogre.

Blood Bowl - 3rd Edition Humans

I have a second Mighty Zug from that edition around, and I'm thinking about what colours to paint them. It is a rather difficult decision to strip them, as their current paint job is quite lovely, but I don't play with other people paint jobs. The miniatures don't feel like mine and I need that bond for my "own stuff". I've been browsing the web and my Empire books to see for a proper set of colours and I might go with some Panther Knight Blue and Yellow. Might have to take a look, where to place the "franchise", as the Panther Knights are found all over the Empire.

But this will be scheduled beyond the 4th edition team. I want to see how I cope with the current paint jobs and maybe I'll be in hard need of a contrast colour scheme, so I'll make up my mind after that.

In addition, I'm quite happy to see that Games Workshop is currently offering some of the old metal teams as made to order. The prices are halfway bearable, but the composition of the teams is rather odd. It is nice to be able to pre-order the chaos dwarfs, and they really got me thinking. But where would I be able to buff the team with the remaining slots of chaos dwarf blockers for a reasonable price? I was hoping for halflings and / or goblins, but with the later coming in plastic, I don't really see that happening. And with the design of the troll, that really looks cramped on that base, I'm not sure if the new goblins will work for me. But time will tell.

That's it so far for now, have a great remaining weekend and don't forget to leave me a comment or like on facebook.

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