Tactica 2019 – Pleasant Anticipation!

It is actually happening! I'll be at Tactica in Hamburg for the first time! I've been to Hamburg multiple times, but never made it during february, when the well known German wargames show Tactica is hosted.

Hamburg - Miniaturwunderland 2016 Hamburg Hamburg

In 2016 we headed with a motley crew to Stahl auf der Heide, the open day of the tank museum at Munster.

Deutsches Panzermuseum Munster - Stahl auf der Heide 2016 Jagdpanzer 38t Hetzer Deutsches Panzermuseum Munster - Stahl auf der Heide 2016 StuG III Deutsches Panzermuseum Munster - Stahl auf der Heide 2016

We extended the trip with a day in Hamburg, paying a visit to the Miniatur Wunderland, covered in two parts here (Part 1) and here (Part 2), as well.

Hamburg - Miniaturwunderland 2016 Hamburg - Miniaturwunderland 2016 Hamburg - Miniaturwunderland 2016
Hamburg - Miniaturwunderland 2016 Hamburg - Miniaturwunderland 2016 Hamburg - Miniaturwunderland 2016

Tactica is the only one of the "big" shows, that I missed so far. For multiple reasons. From the logistics point of view - yes it is in Germany, but far up north, and for somebody like me, living in the middle between Cologne and Frankfurt, the Crisis in Antwerp is just 3 hours away and getting to Salute in London by plane via Frankfurt Cologne Airport is rather easy as well. Well, there was the great Action in Rheindahlen, but that show unfortunatelly got cancelled years ago. So Hamburg is roughly 5-6 hrs by car or a rather expensive train ride away. Some kind of a barrier.

Then the timing. In February it is colluding with the exam period of the universities. So even when I was done with that, a lot of people that would join me on such journeys, would be blocked. And with a journey as far as mentioned above, it was just to much of a hassle to do it on my own.

But this year - this year it is different! I'm once per month in Hamburg for work, and it happens to be the monday after Tactica this month, so that's a great coincidence and is calling "combine me!" very loud and clearly. I'm bringing my family with me this time, so I'll be spending a bit of time at the show on saturday and enjoying the rest of the weekend with my wife and daughter in the pearl of the north.

What is so exiting about Tactica? The people hosting the show, among them Frank, is well known for impressible tables. So I'm quite fond to see the show for those, and as you know from my other con visits, I'll cover it on here with quite the lot of pictures, so stay tuned in the next days. Maybe even the weekend. Frank and the other busy people from Tactica made friends over the year with quite some well known folk from the wargaming scene, among them the Perry twins and their (former) colleagues and friends. For that reason, Tactica does not only have one show exclusive, an U-boat Captain this year, but three of them. A knight, inspired by Dürer artwork by Michael Perry and a world war one pilot by Aly Morrison.

Tactica 2019 Sonderminiatur Tactica 2019 Sonderminiatur Tactica 2019 Sonderminiatur

If you want to spoil yourself, take a look at the projects section on Sweetwater, to see what tables they are preparing, among them a Napoleonic Project as well as Star Wars Legions on Mustafar and a lot of pre-coverage on Instagram using #hamburgertactica.

I'll cover my trip at Tactica and to Hamburg on instagram as well, so if you want the impressions a bit early than on the blog, follow me on instagram. I'll try to stop by at the recently re-opened Lego Store in Hamburg, a burger or craft beer store and what else comes across during that weekend. So have have a great weekend everyone, and if you're at Tactica as well, enjoy the show and feel free to chat.

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