Journey of the Maulers – A veteran for the team

Ever since I built the team, it was clear to me that one player should have the role of a leader. A personality that keeps the team on the right track and motivates it, just like real teams have in the form of a team captain.

Journey of the Maulers - Thrat the Threat
Journey of the Maulers - Thrat the Threat Journey of the Maulers - Thrat the Threat

The mask gave the model something mysterious, making Thrat stand out clearly from the rest of the Blitzers. Also the blade glove was an idea that came to me while I was still assembling the mini and so I just glued some plastic leftovers on and painted it in a leathery look. When I see that the Blitzers from Games Workshop follow exactly this scheme nowadays, I would say that I was already quite visionary twenty years ago.


Thrat the Threat

Well, that's quite a name, Bob.

Absolutely, Jim! I remember once helping out in a Deadrock Devestators match before they swapped jerseys with the Oldheim Ogres! Not only is this guy fast, but he's extremely bloodthirsty.

I once heard that he's never been seen without a helmet. Is that true Bob?

I can't tell you, it didn't come to a head-to-head between us. But even if we did, it seems a strange tic to me, Jim. I'm not much for helmets myself. They're for sissies, and all they do is mess up your hair! Well... Thrat may be an exception...

Journey of the Maulers - Thrat the Threat

Now, who was paying attention? That's right, the last Blitzer is painted and so is the whole team. In two days the we will be presenting the team again completely, so stay tuned when we take a look together at a milestone in the Journey of the Maulers.

Greetings form the coaching cabin


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