Happy New Year 2021!

Enjoy todays New Year's Eve and have a Happy New Year 2021!

Chaosbunker - Happy New Year 2020

Get out your paints and brushes, have a good meal and proper drink along with it, get out your games, consoles or lego bricks and have a good time.

This year as a bit different to the ones before, due to limited travel this year, a lot of throwbacks, looking back on past events.

195 new posts - that's a again a lot more than 2019's 176 or 2018's 140 posts, and strongly supported by Dino's series on Blood Bowl and Mortal Gods. I promised to cut down on reviews, which were still 49 this year (cracking 250 english and 300 german published reviews), but less than last year 59 reviews. And as promised as well, I wanted to get painting. I successfully participated in the painting challenge with my Realm of Chaos project, and I hope to connect to that.

Realm of Chaos - Hooves and Fur Realm of Chaos - Hooves and Fur

I will use the next days to lay out the schedule and plans for 2021, as I want to pick up the quarterly challenge again. Other than that, we will take is easy, make use of the presents we got in the last few days and catch some rest for the new year.

If you fancy some sneak peaks on what I am working on, follow me on social media, either facebook or instagram.

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