Horus Heresy – Land Raider Spartan Assault Tank

Last of our Horus Heresy Age of Darkness detail reviews, covers after the regular Infantry and the Contemptor Dreadnought, the mighty Land Raider Spartan. The kit is not yet available on its own and currently only available as part of the Age of Darkness starter set.

Horus Heresy - Age of Darkness Horus Heresy - Age of Darkness

This is not the first time a Land Raider Spartan is available in (or at least made from) plastic. Actually the first one, was a conversion based upon the Rogue Trader era Land Raider kit, combined with plastic card and parts from the old Space Marine Rhino. It was introduced as part of the Modelling Workshop section of White Dwarf 119, by no other than Tony Cottrell (former head of Forge World and designer of an incredible amount of kits) back in 1989!


Horus Heresy – Contemptor Dreadnought

We move the size class a bit, covered the infantry already, now it is time for the walking tombs, the Contemptor Dreadnought from the Horus Heresy Age of Darkness boxed set.

Horus Heresy - Contemptor Dreadnought

The classic dreadnought we know from the 90s is classified as Castraferrum Pattern Mark V Dreadnought, with the variants that were released by Forge World as Mark IV with slightly slender / less bulky proportions. But the Contemptor Dreadnought is actually something picked up from the era of Rogue Trader and reconnected with the lore for the Horus Heresy.


Horus Heresy – Age of Darkness Infantry

After covering the content of the Horus Heresy - Age of Darkness boxed set in our unboxing, I'll cover the plastic kits in three reviews - the Infantry, the Contemptor Dreadnought and the Land Raider Spartan. Beginning today with the Space Marines on foot.

Horus Heresy - Age of Darkness Horus Heresy - Age of Darkness

You can find all the pictures of the content in the unboxing, but we're going to build some miniatures from the different sprues of the Legion Space Marines in Mark VI armour, the Praetors and Terminators in Cataphractii armour.


Horus Heresy – Age of Darkness Unboxing

I was there the day Horus slew the Emperor. This is how the first book of the Horus Heresy novels starts. And it sets the tone for the entire narrative. With me already being in Horus Heresy mood through the audiobooks, I was really excited about the way they introduced 2.0 on Warhammer Fest, and they kept firing on all cylinders pumping content on all legions, integrating content creators and painters and really keeping it visible.

And with today, I can finally join in talking about the new Age of Darkness kit (RRP 225 EUR / 180 GBP), that is on pre-order since today and I received a bit earlier to have time to prepare my coverage. Thanks to Games Workshop for providing me with a copy.

Horus Heresy - Age of Darkness

The content of the new starter set for Horus Heresy is a lot, so I'm going to split it across a few articles to not overload one article with too much information and pictures. This one is mostly about the unboxing and I'll go into detail in the upcoming posts on the kits themself.


Horus Heresy – An Introduction

Games Workshop has introduced as massive new release and addition to their core range with the Horus Heresy 2.0. As this makes the war among brothers in the Imperium broader accessible (being carried by Games Workshop and their trade network, plastic instead of resin and translated content), it will be the first contact with the prequel to the Grim Dark of 40,000 for many wargamers. A good reason to give you an introduction on the Horus Heresy.

Warhammer - The Horus Heresy

What is it about?

The universe that provides the background for one of the most popular wargaming systems on the globe, has a dark and incredibly rich history. How became the Space Marine chapters of 40k the many different forces, with successors chapters in all their colourful variety? Where did the Chaos Space Marines come from? All this lies in the civil war within the Empire, when Horus, one of the 18 sons of the Emperor himself, turned against him and half of his brothers followed the Warmaster in his betrayal to bring death to the usurper.