Evaluating SAGA

It is time again, to take a look at another open project. After evaluating Blood Bowl, and before that Dystopian Wars including the consequences of the decision (yes, I sold my prussians), the next system to be discussed is a larger "project" - SAGA.


Evaluating Blood Bowl

What better day to take on the Evualation of Blood Bowl than just after Super Bowl 50? And with the re-boot "around the corner", it is about time.

As Blood Bowl is classic, let me give you a short introduction. Blood Bowl was released for the first time in 1987, and brought a brutal fantasy version of American Football into the world of Warhammer. More a board game than a tabletop, it is played with 11 miniatures on each side, and up to 16 per team, chosen from the different races of Warhammer.

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Evaluating Hell Dorado

After thinking and deciding about Dystopian Wars, the next project that's to be judged. Does it get the axe or the brush?

As not everybody is going to be familiar with the game, i'll give it a short introduction. Hell Dorado is a tabletop skirmisher, originally from France developed and distributed by the now huge company Asmodee. In the meantime, after being dropped by Asmodee, and picked up by Cipher Studios, it received a Kickstarter and a few novelties. The game is set in a fantastic version of the real world, set in the early 17th century. Westeners and Saracens meet demons and those who lost in the underworld. The miniatures are roughly 32-35mm and devilish handsome.

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Evaluating Dystopian Wars

I wrote about evaluating my projects a few days ago, doing a SWOT-analysis, and would like to start with Dystopian Wars.

First off, what are the four characteristics that i am going to check with Dystopian Wars? They are emotion, probability, space and players. But before that, let's get everybody up to level about Dystopian Wars. It is a Victorian/pre-World War One Steampunk/Sci-Fi setting, set in an - you guessed right - dystopian world. In this case it is a mass combat ruleset, set around 1:1200 scale, which offers you gaming on the water, on the land and in the air.


Valuating projects and systems

To not drown in a sea of lead, plastic and resin, it is important to have an overview and bring some structure into your own hobby. Why bother the work and not just being lead by impulsive and joy buys? Well, for one, everything you buy without a proper reason, is part of a budget that is missing on another place and takes up mental and physicla space, that could be used by something else. For that i reason, i thought about some kind a SWOT Analysis for my project, that might be useful for one or the other for their own projects.

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