Mission 2013

As promissed a small view into what was going on in the last few days.

First off all, the freebooters fate goblins are completely build. No easy thing to do, as some parts just needed to be pinned. The casting quality is amazing, without any doubts, but many of the parts that needed to be glued are incredibly tiny and frustrating to assemble.

Freebooters Fate Goblins

Beside that i prepared a couple of reviews for the upcoming weeks and months. Several kits and models were build, pictures taken and a lot read. A short outtake on the intersection of my own projects and the reviews.

I-Munda Kitbashs

Victoria Miniatures offers a lot of great conversion kits to build 28mm sci-fi soldiers. Victoria was kind enough to send me a few bits and sprues, so i could toy around a bit. You can see two results above. Tabletop Art from Munich offer conversion parts as well, so i build the grim guy in the middle. All three of them are going to be part of my evergrowing I-Munda / INQ28 collection.

Bolt Action Panzer

As part of an upcoming "tank week" i prepared some bolt action vehicles. The quality is unfortunately fluctuating, which i will explain in the reviews in detail. It cost a lot of time building them, as no instructions were included and some parts kept falling or breaking off, and it was quite frustrating.

And there was again some paint on miniatures, but no pictures yet 😉

As closing words, a happy new year and try to keep at least some of your resolutions.

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