Bolt Action

Yesterday I played another round of Bolt Action, this time with Christian / Fritz giving him an introduction to the game. And what can I say, we did not only have fun, I have won another player for Bolt Action.

Bolt Action could show what it's good at. It is fast, it is lean and offers a lot of entertainment. A good combination without being to simple. For the next time we know, we need more terrain.

There are no pictures of that game - for a reason. Why? Well first off all, a bunch of unpainted miniatures on a proxied table are a rather sad thing to look at, but i have plans.

What plans? Well, I am still missing a central piece for my gaming table, a gaming mat made from acryl. The pictures were taken from Frank Bauer, one of the big guys in german wargaming and a driving force behind the Tactica.

Matte Matte

There is a Thread on Sweetwater on the acryl gaming mat; Terrain mat do it yourself and a tutorial at the Ulmer Strategen. The mats are foldable and the brown-greenish paintjob is an universal ground for a couple of settings, like Bolt Action, SAGA or Infinity.

I am just missing the mat, as I already have gathered some other stuff, that is put upon the table. For example all af the rivers from Gale Force Nine Battlefield in a Box range. The rivers will be modified into streets. The middle part which is blue, will be repainted and sanded. The other street sets from Battlefield in a Box in 15mm are just a bit to small, even for narrow streets in 28mm.

Gale Force 9 - Fjords

Especially for Bolt Action and a couple of medieval szenarios, heavy on the fantasy side as well, I bought a couple of Stronghold Terrain houses. The buildings are made from hard stone plaster and quite heavy, nothing for the terrain travellers but very detailed. If you have a proper option to store them, get some!

Stronghold Terrain - Building Stronghold Terrain - Building Stronghold Terrain - Building

Now are some smaller things missing for the gaming table; fences, walls and trees / flora in general. I'll propably order from a couple of different manufacturors, like Tiny Worlds, Warlord Games or Renedra.

Renedra - Fences Tiny Worlds - Stonewalls Warlord Games - Stone Walls

So what is next? Well i ordered some of the novelties from Hasslefree, cleaned  up the hobbyroom a bit and there a some reviews to be taken care of. But more on that in an upcoming post, stay tuned.

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