Back from the Lead Belt

I still owe you guys some reportage on my Nottingham trip.

The 4 days around Warlord Games Day were not only used to visit Warlord Games, but Mantic, Battlefront and the Warhammer World as well.

First off all, what did i bring back to Germany? Due to travelling by plane a little bit less than i would have otherwise.

Nottingham Goodies

The common mix of plastic and pewter. Some reinforcement for the review shelf (the spot where i keep my to-do items), a few Bolt Action boxes and blisters, Romans for an upcoming SAGA project (more on that later on), a few things from GW and i took the chance to shop at Nick from North Star.

The main event for this prolonged weekend was the Warlord Games Day, on which i already posted on here. It was a great event, amazingly many visitors for a first time event. I really liked the atmosphere, the chances to take a look behind the curtains and productions, the q&a seminars and previews on upcoming releases and novelties.

Warlord Games Day 2013 Warlord Games Day 2013

Warlord Games Day 2013 Warlord Games Day 2013

I was able to visit Battlefront as well and they were friendly enough to give me a tour around their facilities. Very professional office and warehouse. I was able to take a few pictures of the gaming rooms, in which they do the battle reports for Wargames Illustrated and the flame of war homepage.

Battlefront - Wargames Illustrated Battlefront - Wargames Illustrated

Even better was the fact, that i was allowed in the studio area of the office. No close ups, as some of the upcoming releases (up to february 2014!) were on the sculpting and painting tables, but it gives you an impression on how they are working. If you liked what is already available from Gale Force 9 for DnD, you're gonna love whats coming in the next months!

Battlefront - Wargames Illustrated Battlefront - Wargames Illustrated

If you are already in Nottingham, you might as well pay the Warhammer World and Bugmans Bar a visit. The bugmans bar was a little bit overhauled and received more warhammer flair. They were playing Kings of Leon most of the day and the huge amount of drinks and food to choose from was impressive, as well as the fair prices (not only for GW, but in generell) and high quality of the food. Oh and there is free wi-fi.

Bugmans Bar Bugmans Bar

The adjacent rooms host a huge amount of gaming tables and a small museum, which covers even more cabinets and miniatures. Impressive style, suiting the market leader, loads of old school stuff in the cabinets from the early times of the hobby.

Warhammer World Warhammer World

The bugman bars offers their own merchandise, t-shirts, pins and of course a miniature.

Joseph Bugman 2012

The youth incarnation of Joseph Bugman (2012) is offered in finecast and that is a problem. I bought 2 blisters and had to go through 11 (!) blisters until the quality was in the area of "acceptable" and without a big hole right ontop of his nose. The reclaimed blisters, even the employee confirmed the miscasts, were put right back into the shelf and offered for sale - in my presence. Ladies and gentlemen, that is just poor ...

So what is the problem? Even the ones i bought, which looked acceptable on first sight, for incredible 15 GBP ! had lots of miscasts and air bubbles. They were spread all over the miniature, in the eye lid, the beard, the pipe and helmet, as well as the support "triangulars". As well as the bad fitting of the barrels.

That is just an unacceptable quality, especially for the market leader, and the fact that this is a special edition miniatur for an higher than average price makes it even worse.

Joseph Bugman 2012 Joseph Bugman 2012 Joseph Bugman 2012

They should stick to plastic. I got myself some of those nice plastic kits, like the first picture of this article shows. The carnifex was a little bit small for my taste, so i converted it. Straightening the body and prolonged it with grey stuff. It now looks more dangerous. A 40k project? The beginnings of an tyranid army? No, not at all, just a nice single miniatur, that i had in mind for some time (and got as a bargain) and will be used as a I-Munda Monster. And i am looking forward to build the razorwing as well as the bretonnian men at arms that i will converted into some henchmen for I-Munda.

Carnifex Conversion Carnifex Conversion

The ones who know me, know about my weakness for limited miniatures. I used the Warlord Games Day and got myself some. Among them the event only miniature of the Carnifex Gladiatorm as well as the historicon ACW soldier. Of course i had to get some of the pre-order Bolt Action figs, the japanese and british one. I was really looking forward for Hansa Nairoba from Beyond the Gates of Antares, sculpted by Kevin White (!), yay! I am excited about the rest of the range, if Kevin is strongly involved as i hear from the rumours, that is going to be a "Shut up and take my money" for me...

Warlord Games Day 2013 Shut up and take my money

Currently i am preparing some reviews and building reports. It is time consuming, but you will recognise the extra work in the final articles. Beside that i am preparing the relaunch of chaosbunker, some new foci / topics and especially more painted miniatures.

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