Of Updates, Beasts and Buddhas

Start up with a new Logo, on the blog and on facebook as well.


And to top it off, i treated myself with some goodies. I think highly of these two projects and want to support them.

So i got myself the Beasts of War Backstage Pass. Beasts of War provides great content for ages, a incredible amount of videos, tutorials and coverage. They offer their Backstage Pass for rougly 4 GBP per month, and that gives you access to exclusive content, like more videos, how tos, downloads and coupons.


Beasts of War - Backstage Pass

And the other Projekt is MasterMinis Painting Buddha Academy. Their motivation is to make you a better painter and make painting techniques more accessable. They do this with so much heart and soul, so much eye for detail, that i just have to support them. I got the Season 1.1, which is a delight, so the decision to buy the  Gold Brick for the Painting Buddha Academy was an easy one.

Painting Buddha Academy Painting Buddha Academy

Let's roll!


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  1. Love your new logo!
    And thanks for SHARING & ENJOYING!

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