Bolt Action Afrikakorps II

In addition to the short review on the plastic Afrikakorps, i will show you the other miniatures of this project. Head of this army is no other than Rommel himself. The Perrys do offer him inside his famous Greif, but this one is a show exclusive from World War AE / Cipher Studio. He is accompanied by the Zug Command from the Perry metal range.

Perry Miniatures - Afrikakorps Perry Miniatures - Afrikakorps

The whole project fits in one of these nice boxes, only missing some of the larger vehicles and the 88. You can see the Greif, a kübelwagen, the 5 squads (1x pioneer, 2x vet grenadiers, 2 reg grenadiers), and weapon teams, a medium mortar and a PaK 38. Not in the picture is the Marder, Panzer III, Panzer IV and Tiger.

Perry Miniatures - Afrikakorps

What about the paint? I am prepared on this side as well. I have the MIG camo paint set, the Bolt Action Dunkelgelb (which is rather sandy), the desert sand paste by Vallejo for the bases, and two AK washes.

Afrikakorps - Colors

As i didn't work with the sand paste before, and only have experience with their water effect, i did a test on two bases, two see how they would work out. I used a small spatula and spread the paste on the base and let it dry for roughly an hour. You can see the wet fresh version in the first picture, the dried in the second. The third picture shows the slightly drybrushed version, with bleached /off white and a neutral white, as well as a lightly washed half.

Vallejo - Afrikakorps Bases Vallejo - Afrikakorps Bases Vallejo - Afrikakorps Bases

As a conclusion, this will work, but i'll need some gravel as smaller rocks and build with the sand paste around them. I'll keep you updated and show you some prepared Afrikakorps troopers in no time.

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