Star Wars Imperial Assault

How interesting ist Imperial Assault for a wargamer?

Star Wars Imperial Assault

Around christmas i received the starter set and we played the first rounds. It is really interesting and fun - if you read the rules right, otherwise the players may have a hard time against an eager game master 😉 What can i say regarding the miniatures? Well, it is not hard plastic, more rubbery but the details are high for a "board game" and the material is flexible, but should be sturdy enough for proper painting.

Star Wars Imperial Assault Star Wars Imperial Assault Star Wars Imperial Assault

Above you can see some the contents of the starter set, including Darth Vader and Luke Skywalker. Below you see the expansions of the first wave, with troopers, an AT-ST and some characters.

Star Wars Imperial Assault Star Wars Imperial Assault

Due to the really nice design and fair casting quality this is worth more than just a brief look by a wargamer. The additional rules in the Imperial Assault make a point based army building possible and along with "free" wargaming movement (like Dust Warfare compared to Tactics, if you are familiar with it). It is a bit pricy and be prepared that some boxes will be sold out quickly or be hard to come by (i am looking at you Boba Fett!), but it has a lot of potential - if you are willing to spend the money.

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