Advent Calendar / Christmas Stockings

It was a busy weekend, preparing december and some special content for Chaosbunker in the next 24 days, so get ready for a wargaming advent calendar!

Advent Calendar

The one above was prepared by my beloved mother, as there are things you are never to old for. The contents changed over the years, so it's mostly sweets and gadgets for the household, but here and there might be something like a lego set in there.

Thanksgiving Burger Thanksgiving Burger Thanksgiving Burger

As this weekend was although Thanksgiving, and we had guests for some home made burgers, i went for a thanksgiving themed meal with turkey (pulled turkey to be exact) and some sweet potato fries as a side dish.

Thanksgiving Burger

And this is how the burger looked with pulled turkey, caramelised apple slices, cranberries and a spicy cheese, in a potato bread bun.

Last week was used to prepare some of the upcoming content, taking pictures for new reviews, collecting ideas for articles, cleaning resin kits and reading books. So after the tasty food porn, here are some teasers of december.

Frostgrave Nickstarter Thaw of the Lich Lord Rivet Wars + Arcadia Quest Resin Wash

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