Fischkrieg Space Mat Starfield

Fischkrieg offers gaming mats for quite a while now, but updated their portfolio with new mats made from a material similar to a mousepad.

Fischkrieg - Space Mat Fischkrieg - Space Mat

The space mat, in this case with the starfield motive, is 3 by 3 ft in size and costs 35,95 Euro. It comes rolled up in a long box with a small windows, so you can see the actual product. Nice little feature.

Fischkrieg - Space Mat Fischkrieg - Space Mat

The mats are a bit more expensive than their PVC counterparts, but offer a more pleasant and high-grade feel to it. The backside has a rubber-texture and prevents slipping. The edges are clean and proper manufactured. No fray and small rounded corner points.

A nice detail, due to the heavier material, the mat was laying flat within seconds. No need to pin it down.

Fischkrieg - Space Mat Fischkrieg - Space Mat

The motive is a high quality print, designed in germany and produced in a high resolution. The colours come along great, with good saturation.

Fischkrieg - Space Mat Fischkrieg - Space Mat

These mats are produced with X-Wing in mind, for that reason the compact size of 3 by 3 foot, but can be used for other space games like Full Thrust, Firestorm Armada and such. For bigger games, you might need a bigger mat or multiple mats.

Fischkrieg - Space Mat Fischkrieg - Space Mat

Developed and designed in Germany, in cooperation with the gamers, is a solid foundation for a proper product. Products from competitors, like Gale Force 9 or others, costs roughly the same (39 USD vs. 36 Euro), but due to the unusual box size, domestic shipping is an advantage.

The mats are properly produced, withstand a bit of rough handling and are a softer underground compared to posters or pvc mats. It is best, you store them on a rolled up, to prevent crinkles.

The space mat can be bought directly at Fischkrieg, distribution by Fischkrieg or Warehouse Games.

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  1. Danke für die Review, da wir gerade dabei sind einen “Turnierbestand” an Matten zu organisieren werden wir uns diese Matten sicher mal genauer ansehen.

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