Cantabrum Indoctum Iuga Ferre Nostra

"Cantabrum indoctum iuga ferre nostra - Cantabria, that won't bear our  yoke", Quintus Horatius Flaccus.

Continuing the ancient SAGA projects, more cavalry arrived for the Iberians. I had a bit of trouble continuing this part of the SAGA warbands, as Victrix is a bit of a problem to get your hands on. Some sets, like the Balearic Slingers are direct only, others are regularly available. Never the less, the Iberians are the third warband, after Germans and Romans.

I introduced the Celt-Iberians in this first post, talking about the background and I have two further post about northern Spain and the Museum of Archaeology of Cantabria (MUPAC). But begin with the bulk, most of the units are already build and based.

Work in Progress - SAGA Bases Work in Progress - SAGA Bases

The warband is based around the Victrix plastic range of Iberians. I did a review on the Armoured Iberian Warriors, but couldn't get my hands on unarmoured ones back then to include in the review. For this project I bought a set of unarmoured ones, as I want to distinguish the warriors and hearthguard in the form of Scutari and Caetrati.

As I wasn't able to compare armoured and unarmoured within the review, I want to deliver the comparison in addition. The sprues are identical with the exception of the main bodies. They are even the same design, one time with loin cloth and one time with armour (mostly breast plates), as you can see from the sprues.

SAGA - Iberian Unarmoured Warriors SAGA - Iberian Unarmoured Warriors

Victrix - Armoured Iberian WarriorsVictrix - Armoured Iberian Warriors

And here a side by side of the infantry miniatures.

SAGA - Iberian Warriors SAGA - Iberian Warriors

As for the cavalry, I went with two sets of the Iberian Cavalry. The set itself is a bit limited and covers only a few options, so I added a few spare bits from the infantry along with an upper-body swap, as you can see below.

SAGA - Iberian Cavalry SAGA - Iberian Cavalry

Unfortunately the casting isn't as clean as it could be. I had these holes already on the old napoleonic sets, but those were "dirt" cheap, but with these and the time passed, I expected a better quality. So this will need some additional work with filler / liquid putty.

SAGA - Iberian Cavalry SAGA - Iberian Cavalry

As for the Warlords, I wanted a mounted and unmounted version. As there are no proper miniatures available, I decided to convert them from the ressource that I have, the plastic kits. Inspired by the artwork of the Osprey Men-at-Arms #180 - Rome's Enemies 4 Spanish Armies, I decided to build the Warlord on foot to tower over slain enemies. Based upon that, I prepared the bases for both variants. As the horses weren't dramatically enough for a warlord, I cut up one of the horses and repositioned the legs for a more dynamic pose.

SAGA - Iberian Cavalry SAGA - Iberian Cavalry SAGA - Celt-Iberian Warriors Osprey Artwork

Here you can see the current builds, still a bit of green stuff needed here and there to cover up some of the transistions. Looking forward to hear your feedback.

SAGA - Iberian Cavalry SAGA - Iberian Cavalry

That's it for today, getting back to my desk, Dark Imperium arrived on Friday, and I shared the box with a few people, so have a few Primaris Marines here for Inq28 conversion. Will keep you updated. Have a great remaining sunday.


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  1. great job on the conversions! they look very dynamic but realisitic…

    shame that the unarmoured and armoured troops are identical. a few differences in head styles would have sufficed to make the kit so much better… I feel that victrix is going the right way, as their upcoming releases look amazing…

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