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Dear readers,

In future I'll cover on the chaosbunker under the category Little Big Adventures, a new and additional topic: having kids.

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2017 was an eventful year with lots of changes and special moments. We were (from our point of view) on the other side of the globe, in New Zealand, which I covered in a few articles on here. Towards the end of last year, we had our civil wedding, within a small circle of people, and in summer our small family will become a little bit bigger, as we're expecting a baby daughter, (from what I've learned from Instagram I now have to add the hashtags #teamrosa and #happygirlhappydaddy at this point).

I'm really looking forward to our daughter. Having a child is and will be an entire new chapter in our lives, which will bring a lot of changes with it. It is very private topic as well, that delivers more insight as the other topics covered here. I have thought about it for quite a long time, if and how I cover it here. But as I talk and present other niche ideas and thoughts on here, I would like to cover a more male / father centric point of view among all these rather "mum-centric" parenting blogs out there. I can imagine there are enough other men out there, who will be glad to read about some ideas and input. That sounds rather technical, but let me give you an example:

In your first own flat, you need a couple of household items. My mother has a vacuum cleaner by Vorwerk. That vacuum cleaner is a beast and does its job since ages. But for a 60 m² and the budget of a student, that is a "bit" oversized. So the logical next step is to go to the department store and stand in front of a huge choice of vacuum cleaners that start somewhere around 50 Euro and sky is the limit. I didn't feel like buying a cheap cleaner, that I would have to replace in a year or so, but I didn't need a device that easily cleans a 100 m² household of 5 people and 3 cats. So is the 100 Euro device an expensive 50 Euro item or a 200 Euro item with a deal? Besides taking a look at Stiftung Warentest (a German foundation that does product tests) or Amazon ratings, there is not much that you can do to get some input. And now imagine how expectant and / or young fathers feel, when they try to get some information? Everybody has an opinion (everybody) and these scatter strongly, as the different point-of-views and initial situation vary.

Therefore I'm going to share a few of the things that I did or helped me with the preparation. We have a solid stock of clothing, car seat, push chair and so on, and I want to cover some of these items in reviews, like I do with wargaming. That will be a couple of the basics in the beginning, but will move closer to the other topics on here, with games and toys for toddlers and kids.

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I think that I'll cover car and accessories in the first article. That was one of the first things, that went through my mind and I guess many other men as well, if you're not already driving an estate wagon. I'll connect the car seat to that as well.

The reason why I posted this article about the new blog category Little Big Adventures now is to give you a heads up. As some adventures will be predictable, others won't, and I can and will not guarantee that it might be a bit slow on here for a week or two, or that blog posts will be published, that might be irritating without a notice before hand. So that's it from me / us, for today, have a great weekend.

Your becoming "Wargaming Dad" Dennis

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  1. Kinder stellen dein Leben auf den Kopf. Von einem auf den anderen Tag ist nichts mehr wie zuvor. Viel Spass bei diesem Abenteuer.

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