Age of Sigmar Skirmish: Da Hotpawz – Part 1

Among hobbyists, it has become a bit of a tradition to spoof the name of the eighth month of the Roman calendar with the word "orc". A habit that has also been taken over by the industry giant Games Workshop, which leads to increased painting activity in many forums among the friends of the greenskins. Looking through my own shelf, I noticed that I had stacked up a lot of those models myself, which were still waiting for a paintjob. Since I really love the skirmish expansion, I have decided to organize some of my models into several little warbands.

In addition, the Warhammer 40,000 kill team is currently running very well, and if you take a look at some YouTube videos, it seems to be so narrative that it reminds many players of the old Mortheim in style. It may only be a guess, but I could see a game like this also appear for Age of Sigmar in the upcoming future.

Okay, a new project - so far, so good. Now it is time to get around the usual pitfalls and one of them is that you are often making plans too big and that too fast. So to keep track and motivation, I decided to draw the line at a maximum of 50 renown. This has the advantage that there is always an end in sight and on the other hand, that I can divide the structure into smaller, more pleasing chunks. In the first block I will lay the foundation for the warband and its story with 30 renown:

  • (24) Savage Big Boss Grukk
  • (2) Morrboy Boss
  • (2) Morrboy
  • (1) Gitmob Grot Boss
  • (1) Gitmob Grot with spear and shield

Even at the time of the seventh edition, I always wanted to put a "wild WAAAGH!" on the table, but the sheer amount of models simply put me off. In AoS skirmish I can comfortably pack everything in that I wanted without making it a Herculean task. I started out with an ordinary Bonesplitter.

Age of Sigmar - Da Hotpawz Morrboy Age of Sigmar - Da Hotpawz Morrboy

I noticed that the models of the Bonesplinters have a very broad neck on which tattoos or patterns fit well. Warpaint is also good for masking badly painted spots simply by painting over them.

My old friend Finn gave me the Spiderfang Grots from the old "Battle for Skull Pass" box, which I immediately repurposed, as Games Workshop unfortunately doesn't produce Spiderfang Grots on foot, except for the crew of the Arachnarok spider.

Age of Sigmar - Da Hotpawz Gitmob Grot Age of Sigmar - Da Hotpawz Gitmob Grot

As models I like Grots very much. They are quite small and do not overdo it with the details. They are simply ideal to try new colors or freehands on them. Since the warband is very colorful overall, I have tried to paint blue feathers here. After being done with the two most expendable members of the greenskins, I'll show you the two smaller bosses next time.

Grukk’s awakening

   For a long time Boar-Eye, a small volcano framed by the sea from one side and the depths of the jungle by the other side, had risen from the ground. A few days ago, the top of the mountain had finally cracked and his orange blood was now pouring down into the ocean. Fascinated Grukk stared at the passing stream of lava. Even at a respectful distance he could sense the heat emanating from it. Each time the hot liquid touched a new part of the water, smoke rose and the hissing sounds flattered his ears.

   He wasn't here for the first time. Again and again he was restlessly driven here. Suddenly steam shot out of the mountain and a glowing piece of hot silt flew in a high arc through the air, heading straight for Grukk. From an inexplicable reflex he tried to catch the piece of glowing magma and stretched his arm upwards. Too late he realized that it would effortlessly burn his arm off.

   But miraculously he managed to grab the lump without his arm separating from him. The liquid did not burn him and when he looked at his paw, which had caught the lava, he saw how it gradually bonded with him until it had completely sunk into his hand without leaving a trace. Startled he shook his arm, trying to get rid of the supernatural fluid, but paused as his paw began to glow. He took a few steps to a nearby rock and touched it. It melted almost immediately.

   The glow went out and he looked satisfied to the volcano. It was a sign. The Gods had blessed him with a glimpse of the essence of the wild blood. He felt an unruly urge rising. He sensesed the land in an unprecedented clarity that inebriated him. He would rally others around him and call out for a WAAAGH! Grukk Hotpaw turned his gaze south. Deep in the jungle, an ancient pyramid rose from the foliage. He would start there.

Greetings from the Chaosbunker


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  1. why you could see a game like this also appear for Age of Sigmar in the upcoming future?

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