Dreadball Part 2: Quick and Dirty

Ishibashi FoodCo

Everyone has to eat something and the Ishibashi Interstellar Food Conglomerate, often simply referred to as Ishibashi FoodCo, knows that. The company is specialized in serving the outer rim of the Co-Prosperity Sphere, as many of the regular suppliers are avoiding these zones. Now Ishibashi also wants to take root in the galactic core and wants to draw attention accordingly. What better way is there to do that than with a corporate Dreadball team?

And with this little intro I welcome you to the long-announced series of Dreadball articles. Last year, I introduced my Maurauders team and showed what can be done with a little bit of effort.

Dreadball - Ishibashi FoodCo Dreadball - Ishibashi FoodCo

Since Dreadball is a classic board game at it's core, the miniatures have more of a supporting role for the atmosphere, and usually it's enough to have a simple, well-contrasting color scheme. Of course, more effort always looks better, but who doesn't know this situation? You want to play with painted minis, but do not always have the time and muse for an elaborate paintjob. At this point, one can also opt for a "quick and dirty" approach.

Dreadball - Ishibashi FoodCo Dreadball - Ishibashi FoodCo

I knew that I wanted to have a "white" team and was willing to experiment a bit. After spraying the minis completely with white primer, I diluted some gray color strongly with Lahmian Medium. This effectively turns the paint into a wash. At this point you can use any thinner, this one was just at hand at that moment. Afterwards I roughly followed the deeper grooves with a black wash, almost everywhere I thought that a strong shadow would be present.

All edges were then highlighted with pure white and that was it. Since this seemed a little pale, I chose to go with a strong second color - red. This broke up the dirty look a bit, but did not require much more effort. The base color was Mephiston Red, also followed by a black wash. After that, I mixed in white into the red color in two steps for the accents.

The eyes were painted with dark green and also highlighted once with white. When I felt like trying something, I put a white dot into the corner and kept it that way.

Dreadball - Ishibashi FoodCo Dreadball - Ishibashi FoodCo

As you can see, the result at a bit of distance is not much worse than looking at an elaborately painted miniature from equal distance. In fact, I could have even saved a step by painting the red areas before the first wash.

TIPS for quick and dirty painting:

  • Limit yourself to two main colors: More than two main colors stretch the painting time enormously. The best choice was a main and a well contrasting spot color. As you can see with the corporation team, you can use them with different patterns to bring in a little more oomph.
  • Planning work steps: To get ahead quickly it is worth painting a testmini and to see what the best method would be for an effective batch painting. If you plan the steps in such a way that you can save or merge work steps, this additionally shortens the painting time.
  • Be satisfied: it does not always have to be perfect. Miniatures from a pile that you really do not want to paint, but where it is just too bad to give them away, still look better painted than unpainted and may still result in new players for Dreadball in testgames.

That's it for today on Dreadball, but the game will be more present in the future. Next week we'll review the first iteration of the game, as it is still sold pretty commonly on the net, before we devote ourselves to 2.0 and a few of the newer teams.

Greetings from the Chaosbunker!


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