DREADBALL EPISODE 1 – Team presentation: Marauders

Until Monday, July 9th 2018, Mantic is giving a 25% discount on all Dreadball teams. For us enough reason to launch a series of Dreadball focused articles, where we will introduce some of the teams and review both editions of the game. We`ll start with Darkhand's Disciples, a team of Marauders.

The Disciples are made up of ex-pirates and convicts. It is named after the notorious Orc general and raider Darkhand, who took so much pleasure in the game that he quickly set up an own one. Although Darkhand is no longer the owner of the team, the name persists.

Dreadball - Marauders Dreadball - Marauders

Playwise Marauder teams consist of Guards and Jacks, while they don`t have Strikers at all (the type of player who is most likely to score points). While in the first edition of Dreadball they were able to keep up relatively well with the better teams, they find themselves more in the midfield in the second edition, as the Jacks got better, but with the amount of beafier teams, the Orcs got a little weaker.

Dreadball - Marauders Dreadball - Marauders

Overall, the team is easy to start and easy to handle, as the roles of the players are very clearly separated. While you should not leave out a slam while there are still Orcs on the field, you can just as well try a steal with the Jacks (an action in which the opponent literally gets tha ball snatched out of his hands).

Dreadball - Marauders Dreadball - Marauders

However, it is also important to take care of the Jacks, because even if they have become more capable with the second edition, it's still enough to cough up vigorously before a Goblin has to spend some time in the SinBin, the equivalent of the substitute bench in the game.

Dreadball - Marauders Dreadball - Marauders

Also the available MVPs of the Marauders follow the same scheme as the roster. While the Orc Brickbat can bring a good dose of violence back to the field, the Goblin Slippery Joe is the only way to get a Striker into the team. Especially with the latter, the flexibility of the team increases tremendously. However, one should not forget that he's still only a fragile goblin.

It wasn’t me, ref!

Dreadball - Marauders

Overall, you get a pleasant team to play with the Marauders. Hobbywise the miniatures prove to be challenging. The material is the older plastic mixture and is not easy to work on with the craft knife. If you want to get rid of the moldlines properly, you must have a file and a sandpaper ready.

And this is already the end of our first Dreadball article. Stay tuned for more from the Warpath universe!

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