Lords of WarCry – Da Redfists, Part 3

The younger plastic Ardboys have the tendency to have very large surfaces of armor, which can lead to the Space Marine effect. The Space Marine effect? This is the kind of boredom you get when you paint the same color on large areas for a long time. Although the new Ardboys also have many smaller details, such as pelts or protruding leather shreds, the armour retains its somewhat bare plate look. So it takes some time to get to the point where you add a little more variety to them, such as a flame pattern, a few glyphs, spikes and the like.


A big mouth and the choppas to back him up, that`s Izgrod. He`s been with the Redfists for a while now and has seen numerous battles. Time has made him posey and the other Redfists rather dislike him for that. Usually Gotmork would`ve just killed the lesser disciplined Orruks, though at the moment Izgrod is too valuable to do so. But as the Redfists numbers will start to grow, his position, and his life, might not be that safe in the future...

Warhammer Age of Sigmar - Lords of WarCry Da Redfists Warhammer Age of Sigmar - Lords of WarCry Da Redfists

So that not all Ardboys would look too alike, I tried to create a little variety this time by a subtle detail. I'll probably give the one or the other Orruk a topknot again, simply because it brings more dynamics into the figure.

I'm not sure I should attach bones or anything else to the models. On the one hand, it ports the look better into the AoS setting and makes the Ardboys and the Ironjaws look more related. On the other hand, the Bloodtoofs are also backed up by the fact that their Ardboys don't use inferior materials. Which is also the reason why I didn't paint the skulls on the armor bonelike.

What do you think? Should I add more gubbinz to the Ardboys to give them a different look, or should I keep them close to their old standard?


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