Journey of the Maulers: Strategic painting

Four. Only four models left. As I mentioned in the last article, this was the point where I failed the last time, because I simply ran out of motivation. Well, as you can see from this Blackorc, I was able to get my act together, thanks to the tips and support I received from the community. Reason enough to talk a little bit about it.

Journey of the Maulers - Golden Vultures vs. Mauler

Suggestion number 1 was to divide the painting into small bites and to invest half an hour or so during the day. This is generally a good idea and a strategy that I have followed before. The big advantage of this technique is that you can make good progress on boring areas, i.e. very large surfaces that have the same color or need several layers of base color, without getting bored because you sit at it for too long.


Vorg Beardrippa

Although Blood Bowl has contributed a lot to intercultural understanding between the people in the Old World, the rivalry between dwarves and greenskins is almost in their blood. Vorg is no exception, whose dearest opponents are dwarves.

Journey of the Maulers - Vorg Beardrippa Journey of the Maulers - Vorg Beardrippa Journey of the Maulers - Vorg Beardrippa

"Batch painting", painting several models at the same time, was suggestion number 2 I received. This is a strategy that is worthwhile for similar models with few different colors, from which I advise against it for models in which you want to invest a little more effort. The reason for this is that you tend to see little progress. I once painted a regiment of ten archers and after I had finished all of the skin, I had the feeling that I had made little progress. What happens automatically is that the painterly standard drops and the minis are usually less good than you could paint them.

So recommendation number 3 is the exact opposite. There is no real name for it in the nerdgargon, but the method is quite simple: you paint on a miniature a certain kind of surface until it is finished. "Base colors" is the original technique, where you paint all surfaces in their base color and refine them later. But for me this has a similar effect to batch painting, the models seem unfinished to me for too long. Painting and finishing certain "areas", on the other hand, gives me the feeling of progress. A technique that can be very well combined with "half an hour a day".

Journey of the Maulers - Black Orcs Journey of the Maulers - Black Orcs

The last advice is actually a simple reward strategy that I used years ago in the Challenge. To play a game, I always had to paint a miniature first. This time I just tried to use it differently. While the Blackorcs seem to me as arduous to paint, I'll paint a Blitzer after each of them, which was more fun to me. This way I hope to keep the motivation until the end of the season. So the countdown is already running, three players left.


Greetings from the Chaosbunker


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