First Weekender of 2020

What a week, wasn't it? My Nottingham "Family Matters" Tour 2020 is covered on here and created quite the buzz, thanks for the feedback and especially for breaking the next mark on facebook! In case you missed it;

I am quite happy with the pictures from the miniature exhibition, as I brought a long a new gadget that I got myself a few weeks ago. A flexibel lens hood. Got it on Kickstarter, its the Ultimate Lens Hood 2.0, and went for the double pledge, that incl. one for my smartphone as well.

Ultimate Lens Hood Ultimate Lens Hood

Why do you need this? Well, a lens hood is meant to provide cover from "stray" light, that creates reflections and such. That is often the case, when you're taking pictures of items behind glass or in cabinets, and creates depending on lighting an even bigger problem to take a proper picture. The hood helps the lens to focus. To give you a side by side example, I took a picture of my bar cabinet through the front door, you can see the reflection of the christmas decoration and such, and the second one was taken with the lens hood. Much clearer focus.

The only thing that is a bit annoying, it is a rubber hood and meant for multiple lens sizes. On my 18-135 lens it either slips into the gap keeping me from zooming in completely or slips onto the focus dial. But beyond that, did a good job. There are a few further gadgets, that I want to get, especially for lights and better use of my smartphone.

Ultimate Lens Hood Ultimate Lens Hood

As for the things I got myself from the Warhammer World, I am quite happy to now own both reprints of the Realm of Chaos books. Quite the great read, lots of input and ressources. I guess I'll tie those in with my further oldhammer series.

Games Workshop - Warhammer World Games Workshop - Warhammer World

Another souvenir I got in Nottingham was the second edition of the Warhammer World Diorama book, because even with the slightly improved conditions for taking pictures, it is great to have those professional shots at hand. Along with the additional information on the larger diorama settings.

Warhammer World - Diorama Book Second Edition Warhammer World - Diorama Book Second Edition Warhammer World - Diorama Book Second Edition Warhammer World - Diorama Book Second Edition Warhammer World - Diorama Book Second Edition

I brought along two Blood Bowl booster packs for Dino, the Ogre blister was in stock, the Orc blister wasn't and they send it afterwards. And guess what arrived already on thursday? The Orc blister! Just in time for Dino to pick up yesterday. So thanks a lot for the quick delivery.

Forge World - Blood Bowl Booster Blisters Forge World - Blood Bowl Booster Blisters

By the way quick delivery. Westfalia Miniatures had a special between the holidays on their The Dark Eye stock, and that even arrived on tuesday - all the way from Canada incl. customs clearing! Great resin casts, 14 random miniatures for just 20 GBP. I got a couple of tavern visitors, and even the iconic Dark Eye artwork as a miniature, so quite happy with the mix. Have to get a few of the other sculpts in addition.

Westfalia Miniatures - The Dark Eye Westfalia Miniatures - The Dark Eye Westfalia Miniatures - The Dark Eye

Dino came along yesterday, picking up the Blood Bowl blisters and bringing along a couple of miniatures for taking pictures, talking hobby and our road map for 2020.

Blood Bowl - Journey of the Maulers / Dino Blood Bowl - Journey of the Maulers

I picked up the Lego Technic 42075 First Responder, that went recently out-of-production, because I saw an interesting MOC by M1Longer, that works great with the MACK Truck. Very solid custom build, looking forward to the MOC of the 42098 Car Transporter.

Lego Technic 42075 - First Responder Lego Technic 42075 - Terminal Truck Lego Technic 42075 - Terminal Truck

Closing the weekender with a bit of tv and movie. I got through Deadwood, the series ended with season 3 a bit abrupt (they had plans for continuing it, but didn't went through) and as a fan-service HBO provided a Deadwood movie to wrap things up -  13 years later. It was a bit less exciting than I expected. The finale could be a bit clearer, but it provides a lot of closure, and as such is for a finale still reasonable and enjoyable. HBO has done by far worse.

I was made aware of BBC's Dracula while in the UK and it is released on Netflix here in Germany, so I caught up after my return. The mini-series starts strong and subsides strong over the just 3 episodes. A bit weird. Similar experience with Rotten Romans on Amazon, oh boy I'll never see that hour again... yikes. Can't really recommend that at all.

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