Gaslands – Nothing to lose

But there is a lot to be won in May in the various Gaslands Facebook groups. It's remarkable how much enthusiasm and creativity the Gaslands community shows and in May there are several competitions and raffles you can participate in.

I will also try my luck this month and take part in at least one of the competitions. Let's see if fortune favors the men from the Chaosbunker this month. But before I go into this in my next article, I would like to give you a short overview of the current competitions and raffles.

Gaslands Build Competition May 2020

Gaslands - The Revolution

The monthly painting and remodeling competition is the first event. The competition focuses on the theme of revolution. You can submit just about anything that picks up on this theme and moves in the Gaslands universe.

Simply leave a post with the hashtag #maygascomp


Gaslands TV May Giveaway

Gaslands TV

Luca Vincence Caltabiano, from Gaslands TV, is giving away a bunch of cool small parts for Gaslands. Not only do they pimp up every car, they also look great on the tabletop as well. Since this is a raffle, you don't have to be a top painter, and simply participate just for fun.


Televised Carnage 300 Subscriber Giveaway

Gaslands Televised Carnage

The third competition is also "just" a raffle by Chad Tompkins, who shows match reports in less than five minutes on his YouTube channel Televised Carnage. His raffle only runs until today, so leave him a comment and also take a look at his Gaslands videos.


Gaslands Photo Contest – French Rulebook

Gaslands - Photocontest

Anyone who wants to see their car in a rule book now has the chance to do so. Until May 19th you can submit pictures of your cars from different sponsors to enrich the french rulebook with some eye candy.


Monthly Gaslands UK Comp

Gaslands UK

Until May 31st you can participate in the monthly Gaslands competition of the UK Facebook group. Here the conversion, painting and the overall theme of the vehicle are what counts. There is one small catch, however, if you want to take part here, you must be a UK resident. But I think that as long as you have a shipping address in the UK, this will still work.


So far I don't know in which competition I will participate, but the one from the Gaslands TV group is smiling at me - after all, I would finally paint a car again and someone with a camera would certainly look good on the court.


Good luck and see you next time at Gaslands!


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  1. Thank you for the shout out! I am loving your articles. Keep up the great work!!

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