Weekend Update CW 19/2020 – Of Ships and Cooking

This week I picked up the Lord of the Rings / Middle Earth terrain reviews, with the Lake Town House. I even started on the kitbash, completing the core build, that will need a touch up with green stuff / grey stuff. And the Frostgrave articles continued as well, with the crewmen for Ghost Archipelago.

Lord of the Rings - The Hobbit Lake Town House Lord of the Rings - The Hobbit Lake Town House Frostgrave Ghost Archipelago - Crewmen

For the Oldhammer skirmish project, a small package from Worcester arrived, covering some old Ghouls and a Skeleton banner bearer. Yeah I'd change ghoul #5 and #6 for ghoul #11 and #12, but the banner was a great find. As for the core skeletons, I'm looking into either Crooked Dice or trying to recover some of the late 90s original plastic kits.

As I'm preparing another mini series on Black Seas, covering the 1st rate of the spanish fleet among some neutral vessels, I came across this HMS Victory build on Lead Adventure, and I strongly think about replacing the masts on the 1st rate with metal / brass rods, and on the merchants with ones from the plastic kits. In addition, Hagen Miniatures sent me some samples, that I'll cover mixed in with the coverage. Some smaller ships in 1:700 and some bunker in 1:300.

Oldhammer - Ghouls & Skeleton Bannerbearer Black Seas - 1st Rate to Brigg Hagen Miniatures - Black Seas & Cruel Seas Items

On Humble Bundle there is currently another bundle on Warhammer books, this time the Deathwatch RPG books in their cubicle 7 edition. I took advance of the offer on Battlefleet Gothic Armada II and bought it at 12 EUR instead of the 40 it costs on steam. And in contrast to the first one, it actually runs. Yet, I'm annoyed that some of the cut scenes can't be skipped and the gameplay overall is a bit restless, an optional turn-by-turn mode would have been great.

Brickmakers Risotto Brickmakers Risotto

My employee, who won a Great Place to Work pledge again this year, takes really good care of us during this times and earlier this week a small package by Naturhof Scherhag arrived at my (home office's) door step. A risotto kit and balsamic vinegar, that everyone in the company got, so we could do some remote cooking together - as cooking has a special meaning for us. I am really glad and happy to be part of this team.

James Kenji López-Alt Pizza Dough James Kenji López-Alt Pizza Dough James Kenji López-Alt Pizza Dough

James Kenji López-Alt Pizza Dough James Kenji López-Alt Pizza Dough James Kenji López-Alt Pizza Dough

I stumbled upon Kenji Alt-Lopez on Youtube a few weeks ago and as I finally managed to get my hands on some fresh baking-yeast I was able to prepare some pizza dough, and I went for Kenji's New York Style dough, but replaced the wheat with spelt flour. The dough came out so great and along with the spelt semolina got a real tasty finish. Just look at the crust and the fluffy texture of the dough.

Veal Schnitzel Roasted Potato Slices Veal Schnitzel

As I was offered veal schnitzel at my butcher, I gave it a try to make some myself - never prepared Wiener Schnitzel myself from scratch. I used this recipe and added roasted potato slices to it, really digged how it went. The breadcrumb coating worked and hold, yet the meat itself shrunk a bit. Maybe I need to tenderize it more beforehand. Well, there's always a next time.

But let's do a wrap up and go over to the streaming tipps.

I came across a Sharpe meme and looked it up, as I was aware of the role Sean Bean played and I knew there are even proper 28mm miniatures of them. And as a fun fact, you can stream the whole series on Amazon Prime. I didn't have the chance to look into it, but from the trailer I saw, it looks a bit cheesy but might be entertaining.

I saw Birds of Prey this week, that a really waste of time, I'd rate it 4/10 and wouldn't recommend anyone to watch that movie. My wife and I enjoyed the 4th season of Workin' Moms, which is available on Netflix. It's a canadian tv show, the 3rd season was a wild one, the 4th one is less chaotic and unfortunately a bit short with only 8 episodes. Never the less, with the cancellation of Life in Pieces, a welcome entertainment for couples - especially the ones with children.

There are a few new additions on Amazon and Netflix, among them I added Manhunt Unabomber to my list. Den of Thieves / Criminal Squad was added this month to Netflix, I've already seen it, solid action movie, some interesting ideas for modern combat scenarios. I am really looking forward to Space Force at the end of the month and Bill Burr's F is for Family 4th season later on, both on Netflix.

And to close with a really weird one, there is a German TV show, called Bares für Rares (Cash for rare items) and they had one of the live-sized Blood Angels statues that stood in some of the Games Workshop stores, but see for yourself (Youtube should do a decent job on the subtitles).

That's it for today. Stay safe, stay at home. If you want to know what I am up to during the week, drop by later or follow me on Instagram.

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