Azande! – Fresh back from the vacation

In fact, contrary to my expectations, I got my 6 models ready and staged well ahead of time.

The painting is based on the helpful instructions on the Wargames Foundry website. The 6 models are also from this company. That the miniatures all look so uniform is because I always like to paint small groups of models quickly with the same color. For example, the next block of 6 models will get red clothes and in the end all groups will be mixed.

I have already started the next block and this time it is dedicated to another indigenous people: the Ottawa.

This Indian tribe settled around and on Lake Huron. I already have 10 miniatures ready, I'm currently painting on another 14. Sure, that's a lot more than the required 6, but I want the colorful guys off the table. In contrast to the Azande, you can get really bogged down with these woodland Indians. I keep painting on them, but somehow I don't see the progress.

I am also currently working on suitable terrain pieces for the French and Indian War.

You will get pictures of this in the next post, so stay tuned and I force myself to contribute more here.

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