Necromunda – The Ash Wastes are calling

I managed to close the gaps in my Necromunda collection mostly in 2021, with only two poses of Goliath and a upper body of a GorkaMorka Mutie left. This is something that I have time with, but with new Ash Wastes supplement for Necromunda announced at the Las Vegas Open it gets more interesting again.

Necromunda - Ash Wastes

This is an appealling pick up, and I'm really eager to see, what this addition brings to the game. Yet, Ash Wastes is nothing new to Necromunda and was part of the Fanatic Games releases about 15 to 20 years ago covered, in a probably much smaller scale. But it is very interesting, and I am thinking on how to implement this part into my own campaign.

The Ash Wastes would provide me with a great connection to tie in a few of my GorkaMorka miniatures into my own story about the Underhive. I don't intend to play on Angelis, but combine both worlds / settings. One would be the Digganobs, Wanna-be-Orks, humans who act like the greenskins, wild and feral. An interesting range, to be used in a way similar to the Warboys from Mad Max. Searching the outskirts of the ash waste for scraps they could trade in for some gallons of water or food.

GorkaMorka - Digga Nobs GorkaMorka - Digga Nobs

So I managed to get my hands on the whole range, with the exception of Digga Boy with Shooter. If you happen to have this one, let me know. These guys will get some wheels, and depending on what  I can get my hands on a classic old Gorkamorka era war truck or Crooked Dice buggies.

But what about those, even further into the desert. Living under the effects of the radiation, the poisonous winds of the desert, and what that did to those humans stuck out there. And that's where the Mutie Raiders come in. Adapted to the condition, mutated, riding on wild beasts instead of relying on machines. A while back at Bitbox, I managed to get a proper stock on these, 4 full riders and 7 (!) mutie beasts, along with a spare part of legs.

GorkaMorka - Mutie Raiders GorkaMorka - Mutie Raiders

From the poses, I was only missing an Unk and a Snagga, and managed to get a nice small lot of muties last week from spain, dropping it down to only on the second Snagga pose (so if you have that one, please get in touch with me). As for the mutie beasts, those are actually only two different poses, but A and B come with a minor variant for 3 and 4. So if you have the one on the bottom (bodies would be enough) and would be cool to trade or sell, let me know as well. But priority is on the snagga, as the mutie beasts I can convert for more variety myself.

GorkaMorka - Mutie Raiders GorkaMorka - Mutie Raiders GorkaMorka - Mutie Raiders

So you see, I'm set for this expedition into the Ash Wastes. Already have some vehicles here, that will cover the mobility of the other gangs as well. I am excited for both, putting these into use, but for what's coming in an updated setting as well.

If you don't want to wait, and make yourself an updated Digga warband or similar, I highly recommend taking a look at this project: Morgoths Gorkamorka Digga warband

Gorkamorka - Morgoths Digga Nobs

Using some of the Warcry Chaos warbands, especially the Untamed Beasts and Darkoath Savagers from Red Harvest for some feral models in a larger scale. And the Tarantulos Brood from the same kit makes for a great generic underhive cult, following a spider god.

But beyond that, I'm eager to see the new announcements - especially for the terrain.

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