Blood Bowl – Mordheim Marauders Part 2

You read the introduction of the Mordheim Marauders in the first part, I had them primed and started painting, keeping close to my recipe for Beastmen from the Realm of Chaos Warband.

Blood Bowl - Mordheim Marauders

Most of you will probably know, that I really like creating background for my projects, and so I want to do with my Blood Bowl teams. In the old rulebook, as well as the expansion, there were team profiles on the legendary teams and I'd like to pick up that idea / format. So let's start with the Mordheim Marauders.

Name: Mordheim Marauders
Colours: Green / Brown / Purple
Home Stadium: The Pit (located in the eastern part of the City of Mordheim, 66.400 capacity, surface: cinder pitch)
Management / Owner: Andhu'l Morrskal
Head Coach: Brian "The Red" O'Conan
Health (Apothecarius): Snyd Pussfinger
Cheerleaders: The Wyrdstone Shards
Motto / Chant: Hit 'em like a meteor / Comet cometh

Honours: Winner of the 2022 chaos qualifiers for CBL
Hall of Fame: yet to be earned


Where did we leave off last time? Black primer with Hit Color belton, followed by a thin coat of P3 Thamar Black for those spots, we didn't reach with the spray. As you can see, the primer blended the metal and green stuff sculpted parts properly together and it looks like one piece.

Realm of Chaos - Brayherd Blood Bowl - Mordheim Marauders Blood Bowl - Mordheim Marauders

Before I started the actual paint job, I give the black a quick drybrush usually with a light grey or white - in this case VGC 72049 Stonewall Grey - to create a highlight on the details and make it easier to spot them on the dark primer.

Blood Bowl - Mordheim Marauders

After that, I start filling in the base colours;

  • Leather (Boots, Gauntlets) - Citadel Nightlord Blue
  • Chaos Warrior Armour - Army Painter Oak Brown WP1124
  • Metal - Army Painter Weapon Bronze WP1133
  • Green Armour - Citadel Deathworld Forest
  • Fur / Beastmen Flesh - Vallejo Game Color 72.043 Marrón Bichos / Beasty Brown
  • Horns, Teeth - Army Painter Skeleton Bone WP1125
  • Human Skin (+Tentacles) - Army Painter Tanned Flesh WP1127
  • Tongues, Claw - Army Painter Dragon Red WP1105
  • Eyes - Army Painter Pure Red WWP1104
  • Bases basecolour - Army Painter Leather Brown WP1123 (I wanted to use Citadel Graveyard Earth, but that's discontinued)

Blood Bowl - Mordheim Marauders Blood Bowl - Mordheim Marauders Blood Bowl - Mordheim Marauders

A quick comparison, the photoshop mock-up against the base colours. I swapped a few things, but I'm happy with what I achieved so far. This phase takes for me the longest. Especially if it is a new project and I'm yet unfamiliar with the models or undecided on how to split the paint job. And as usual, you come across some mould lines or spots you missed the first time around. But that's what this is for, blocking in the base colours.

Blood Bowl - Mordheim Marauders Blood Bowl - Mordheim Marauders

And here they are in their full flat coloured glory. I can say so far, there's a certain style and simplicity to these Blood Bowl miniatures, they are more flatter than regular warhammer miniatures, to fall into line with the necessities of Blood Bowl (laying the miniatures on their back / front), and due to it being a side game having less numbers of sold miniatures, so spending less time on the positionals (more clones / base poses that were re-used, compared to the regular WHFB range).

Blood Bowl - Mordheim Marauders Blood Bowl - Mordheim Marauders

Next up would be a huge time saver, the Fast Army Painter technique. Adding washes to create the first hightlights and depths on these. And I used the following washes for that

  • A complete wash of Army Painter Strong Tone, undiluted on all parts but the Skin, that I used Army Painter Soft Tone with, as it would be otherwise to harsh.
  • All fur and long hair got an additional, second coat of Strong Tone to darken it further.

Blood Bowl - Mordheim Marauders Blood Bowl - Mordheim Marauders

It is important to let that wash properly dry, ideally about 24 hours. In the second picture, you can see the dry result of this step. That would actually count as battle ready, according to the newer White Dwarf painting guides. But of course, this isn't where I want to stop So next up a few highlights and black lining.

On top of that, I'd need some decals along with the matching flock (eventhough the different stadiums have different turfs, I want to keep the base design the same across the teams).


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