Realm of Chaos – Hooves and Fur Part IV

Just a brief heads up and life sign that I am not slacking off and waiting for the deadline to give me further motivation. It is day 8 of the summer project and 23 days to go until I have to have my block completed.

I started out with the black primer as mentioned in the last part of the coverage (Hooves and Fur Part III), and my first learning from this is, that I'll dust the other miniatures on top of the black primer or at least give them a light grey / white drybrush, to give me some orientation. It's been a while since my last painting batch and depending on the models you are working on, this helps to bring out some of the details.

Realm of Chaos - Brayherd

The first step was to fill in some of the base colours, so far I did the following.

  • Skintone short + long fur - Vallejo Game Color 72.043 Marrón Bichos / Beasty Brown
  • Wood of the weapons - Army Painter Oak Brown WP1124
  • Hornes and Hooves - Army Painter Skeleton Bone WP1125
  • Chainmail / Weapons - Army Painter Plate Mail Metal WP1130
  • Leather - Vallejo Game Color 72.039 Marrón Peste / Plague Brown
  • Eyes - Army Painter Pure Red WWP1104
  • Bases basecolour - Citadel Graveyard Earth - discontinued - so I went with Army Painter Leather Brown WP1123

And that brings us to the current status quo. Originally I intended to do the short and long fur in different colours, but I think the beasty brown will work for the base colour for both and I'll do different highlighting.

Realm of Chaos - Brayherd

That means for the base colours only the brass / copper is missing and some minor clean ups, where I got some of the other colour on the fur or one of the lighter colours like the bone or leather didn't properly cover. I think that should be do-able this evening and after letting it dry, the first wash will be applied to these.

I have high hopes for the weekend, as I am home alone and should be able to take care of quite a few steps, mostly applying details and highlights on top of the pre-shaded paintjob the wash will create. I have put Anno aside, and beside some cooking there is not much for me to keep me from painting (besides sleeping in).

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