Necromunda – Water supply

After writing about the Ash Wastes coming to Necromunda, I felt the urge to build some terrain. I stocked up on some kits lately, and bought these two sprues from eBay.

Necromunda Terrain

But why the need for more terrain in Necromunda? I already have a truck load of bulk heads to recreate the classic kits along with some of the older 40k terrain kits. But to me, I always wondered, if Necromunda is about gang war, trying to sabotage the operations of the other houses, damage the production capacities and keep the rival house from fulfilling their commitments towards the guilds or higher houses. So why aren't didn't we see actuall production facilities? Mine shafts, melting pots, production lines or other industrial terrain, and not just shells of multi-level towers with walkways.

For that reason, I bumped up with some specific kits, to change that and bring a more mission objective vibe to some terrain pieces or to recreate certain areas of the underhive with my collection.

One is from the Vertigus Warhammer 40.000 Battlezone (I covered the boxed set in 2020), called the Thermo-Exchanger Shrine. Lovely detail and I think I can convert that one a bit different to the first one, that I build. Open up the lid, maybe have something boiling inside. We'll see.

But I really like the Oil pump from the Killteam Octarius boxed set. And I can actually see two or three of these on the table, maybe with some of the Red Harvest terrain pieces, that I already have here.

Necromunda - Oil Pump Necromunda - Oil Pump

The "biggest challenge" with this kit, would be to de-orkify it. But I'm lucky there, it is going to be used in the underhive, so I could keep the shabby look of it - something that would barely work with some properly serviced gear on a forge world, but a wild Oil or Water pump on Necromunda? Run by a lower house or in the outskirts? Absolutely. Just get rid of the most obvious ork glyphes.

 Necromunda - Oil PumpNecromunda - Oil Pump

Scratching those away, covering other parts up with some plastic card and additional rivets (you can never have enough rivets), does a decent job for that. If you then break the section even strong apart by using different colours for the formerly connected designs, that should serve the purpose even further.

Necromunda - Water Pump Necromunda - Water Pump Necromunda - Water Pump

It's a pretty little thing, I got it for ~12 EURs and creates a proper value on the table for that money. You have a solid foot print, additional height level and of course breaking a lot of line of sight. Just what you want for a skirmisher.

Necromunda - Water Pump

And for my taste, it works pretty well with the miniatures from the 90s, not that much of a scale creep. Tied in with the remaining terrain range, by using a coherrent choice of colours and technique, the age different shouldn't show that much.

Necromunda - Water Pump Necromunda - Water Pump Necromunda - Water Pump

Looking forward to what the Ash Waste release, along with the Nachmund campaign will cover in the next months.

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