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We thought about this long and hard, and after doing this for more than a decade - now is finally the time to cash in on your hard earned money, so we're doing a VIP premium patreon thingy. Welcome to CHAOSBUNKER PREMIUM LOUNGE!

Chaosbunker Premium Lounge

For only 9,99 EUR (12 GBP, 15 USD or 0,00023 BTC*) you can join the CHAOSBUNKER PREMIUM LOUNGE and enjoy some exclusive premium features in wargaming.

Chaosbunker Exclusive Access

Get access to our exclusive CHAOSBUNKER PREMIUM LOUNGE content;

  • OnlyFans - The finest behind the scene b(r)ush licking action you'll find online.
  • Discord - Listen to me shake my head about prices on eBay and telling old war stories, from back in the day before online shopping
  • Twitch - Watch me clip stuff from sprues, put it on bases and call it a review, as well as reaction videos.

But wait - there's more! Further features of CHAOSBUNKER PREMIUM LOUNGE include

  • CHAOSBUNKER PREMIUM LOUNGE members have access to VHS bootleg copies of WarhammerTV. The first 100 subs receive not only Episode 1 to 4 of Hammer+Bolter (total run time around 24 minutes, so somewhere close to a Misfits album) but the Henry Cavill audition tape** as well.

WarhammerTV VHS Bootlegs WarhammerTV VHS Bootlegs


  • Exclusive Trade tags that will boost your sales. Each CHAOSBUNKER PREMIUM LOUNGE member has 10 monthly text snippets of "pro painted", "rare" and "OOP" that he or she can you use on their auction or trade posts. Remember with the code "REPLACS" you can get another 10 on top, to use for items that were just delivered by current issues Conquest, Imperium or are in incredibly bad shape.


  • Limited edition 2020 and 2021 CHAOSBUNKER ON TOUR shirts. Available for 39 EUR each, in the sizes M to XXXL. Stock is going fast.

Chaosbunker Tour Shirt 2020 Chaosbunker Tour Shirt 2021

  • Box Picture Photograph Workshop - On a 2 day course, I'll teach you how to take pictures of your boxed miniatures in sealed boxes, so you can add incredible value by posting wargaming products in their original packaging online. Only 8 seats available, tickets 599 EUR each. ***

We're looking forward to get CHAOSBUNKER PREMIUM LOUNGE started this summer. Get ready for the real premium wargaming feeling. Don't forget to sign up for the newsletter to be among the first to take seat in the CHAOSBUNKER PREMIUM LOUNGE.


* (Prices in Bitcoin will be adjusted weekly)
** (it might just be him wandering around Warhammer World half naked nicking stuff. I mean what are they going to do? Report him? Nobody is going to believe them...)
*** For an additional 100 quid we supply you with a potato cam.

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