March 2022 review

And then that was Q1 of 2022. March has been incredibly busy, and I don't mean that in a non-wargaming way.

Yesterday was april fools and I took the time to prepare a bit, with our CHAOSBUNKER PREMIUM LOUNGE. I'm glad you enjoyed it and as I got quite some message for the T-Shirts, let me check, if we can put those into reality and maybe use the turnover to do something good, like we did with the charity for cancer in April 2021. I'll keep you posted on this.

Chaosbunker Tour Shirt 2020 Chaosbunker Tour Shirt 2021

I spend a bit of money and got myself some really iconic pieces for my collection. Picking up, where I stopped with the Bretonnian Big Guy in february, I swapped Louen Leoncoeur frorm his 6th edition to the 5th edition model, and realised, I was only missing the third Griff-riding hero from the era of Herohammer - Eltharion on Stormwing. Looked him up on eBay, insane prices and ditched the idea, but my buddy Indigo hooked me up with a spare from his collection for a reasonable rate. And then there's dragons. I don't own a proper Warhammer Dragon, well, that's not true, I do have the Zombie Dragon in my collection, from the Hans travel box.

So while I was thinking out loudly, a former GW employee offered me Egrimm van Horstmann. Only catch, he doesn't have the wings, as he repurposed those on another build. But lucky me - when another round of HANS! came around in 2021, I saw a pair of these and thought, grab 'em, you'll might need them in the future and be happy about it. And guess what, I am happy, as now I have a complete chaos sorcerer on double headed chaos dragon.

Warhammer Fantasy - Eltharion Warhammer Fantasy - Egrim van Horstmann Warhammer Fantasy - Egrim van Horstmann

From that same area of Ruhrgebiet, I got my hands on a second hand Land Raider by Forge World. I sold my 2011 Mk II Land Raider a while ago at the Bitbox, and with the Adepticon announcement of the Horus Heresy and large plastic wave, the owner decided to wait for the plastic kit. I don't blame him, I wanted something for my 2nd edition Imperial Fists, and the old Imperial Land Raider did feel more like Rogue Trader than colourful 2nd edition, along with being heavily overpriced (something that would a proper base to work from starts at 70 EUR). I was originally looking for the Proteus one, and was offered the armoured variant, which isn't a bad fit for the Imperial Fists lorewise, so I went with it.

Forge World - Armoured Land Raider Phobos

I got a supply drop by Osprey / North Star miniatures, and we will make April the StarGrave month, along with covering the content of the plastic kits and some additional material from the Nickstarter. And I'll add another boxed set from the Oathmark range to the reviews.

Northstar - Oathmark + StarGrave

As for reviews, it wasn't the only supply drop from Nottingham. Warlord Games treated me as well. The books were lost in custom for a while and finally arrived. And due to multiple requests I got about them, I will cover the Commandos in a review. And to round it up, a few of the newer Napoleonic sprues in Epic scale. I covered the American Civil War briefly here, and will do something similar for the new arrivals too.

Warlord Games - Bolt Action Reinforcement Warlord Games - Epic Battles Napoleonics
Warlord Games - Epic Battles Napoleonics Warlord Games - Epic Battles Napoleonics Warlord Games - Epic Battles Napoleonics

Oh, and 3d printers goes brrrr. After a long, long, long time of reconsideration on how to make it work. I made it work and now have direct access to my own 3d printer. But more on that later. A lot more.

Anycubic Mono 4k + Wash & Cure 2.0 Anycubic Mono 4k Anycubic Mono 4k

And I can complete the Mordheim Marauders to a full showcase level, as the decals arrived. Dino and Fritz hooked me up with some fitting decal sheets, that should cover the whole CBL franchise, and I found some odds and ends from my initial run in the late 90s.

Blood Bowl - Mordheim Marauders Blood Bowl - Decals

Beyond the new arrivals and setting up the new gear, I managed to build a couple terrain pieces for Necromunda. And I'm not done there.

Necromunda - Guild Hall Necromunda - Ferratonic Silos Necromunda - Plasma Reactor

With April ahead, and some prolonged weekends, I am pretty confident to make some further progress. The retro-Necromunda gang needs basing, and the first Adeptus Titanicus legion is already partially painted, so that's what is scheduled miniature wise.

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