Dino’s March 2022

Didn't I mention last month that I had Corona and thought I was finally in the clear? Well, only a short time later, most likely aided by the Corona infection, it turns out that I had a mild case of pneumonia. Thank God I was able to put this chapter behind me as well and I am doing quite well again.

Accordingly, the time for painting has suffered a little this month, but fortunately, I was still able to achieve one or two milestones in my annual plan. First of all, I'm happy to announce that I played my first game of Rangers of Shadow Deep.

Dino's March 2022

Tabletopwelt forum users Erkwin and Saranor invited me to a game night and played a game of Rangers of Shadow Deep with me. In the upcoming weeks I will write a narrative report about the two scenarios we played, which you will be able to read as usual on the Chaosbunker.

A dark shadow loomed over the home of the Blood Countess

Dino's March 2022

Painting-wise, I took it easy again and only painted one hoplite for the Corinthian part of my Mortal Gods troop. I've been asked a few times for a tutorial and since I tend to forget my own recipes, I've taken to writing that too. The tutorial for the Hoplite will also be up later this week.

Mortal Gods - Corinthians

In the meantime, I have continued to work on the Old World Alliance Community Team, but unfortunately I don't have anything to present yet. The release of the Norse team has also spurred me on again, but I still have the need to visually bring the dwarves and humans closer together.

Also, I'm conflicted on whether to get the Norse team...I've wanted a Norse and a Goblin team in my collection for quite a while, but I have so many unpainted teams that I should rather make something out of them first.


Budget Challenge

And while we're on the subject, my budget summary is basically exactly the same as in January and February - I simply didn't spend anything. Bladeborne was available at Thalia for under 30,- Euro, but I could restrain myself. Now the Norseteam is there, which could cost 40,- Euro and another 30 for the Yeti. Do I save on it, or do I just stay reasonable?

My budget in March:


Balance previous month: 40,- €

March 2022 budget: 60,- €

March 2022 spendings: 0,- €

March 2022 rest: 40,- €


Expenses for work materials:

March: 0,- €

Balance until March 2022: 37,54 €


Greetings from the Chaosbunker


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