HANS! Number 5 is alive

Late last year I participated in HANS! the traveling wargaming treasure chest, and another one was sent on its way in June, just to arrive on wednesday at my door step.

DHL didn't do the best job this week, after destroying a package and losing its content from Nuremberg to me, that was one bad experience and now taking over a week to ship HANS! about 280 km within Germany, wasn't that great either. But thankfully HANS arrived in good shape.

As I wasn't keen on picking this one up at the post office, I took care to accept HANS in person and as they have the tendency to drop by while the little on sleeps, I have mastered the art of catching them before ringing the door bell. And there he was, in all his packed glory.

HANS! arrives 

With all the shows and events being cancelled this year, and my last contact with wargaming person being my visit to Warhammer World in january, I was really really looking forward to do some digging through the boxes.

I had my eyes on the easy-to-build skeleton warriors and was a bit dispirited when I picked it out of the box, looking like this.

But while browsing further through the boxes, in the boxes, in the box, I came across a Zombie Dragon box. Oh boy, if it's in there, that would be so great. So with a weird mix of anxiety and anticipation I opened it up and Bam! it was complete, even with the banner pole and even intact banner. Yeah, easy decision, you're staying here with me.

As did some other items.

  • 1994 Zombie Dragon
  • Robogear Terrain Set
    Reaper Bones Kraken!
  • Incomplete Victrix Viking Sprue
  • Easy-to-Build Skeleton Warriors
  • Some older Blood Bowl miniatures
  • Cadian Comm-link without backpack
  • Perry two American War of Independence blisters and a mounted Prussian officer

In exchange the following things went into the box

  • Blood Bowl Naggaroth Nightmares
  • 8 Classic Blood Bowl Chaos Dwarf Hobgoblins
  • Sister Sledgehammerers Dwarf Ladies Fantasy Football Team (12 miniatures)
  • 1x OOP Evil Craft Chaos Space Marine Squad (7 miniatures) incl. bonus weapons and bits
  • 1x Champions of Chaos Khorne
  • 1x Bestigor
  • 1x Bolt Action Ferdinand Tank
  • 1x Bolt Action Winter Germans Sprue
  • 1x Bolt Action Winter Soviets Sprue
  • 1x Avatars of War Dwarf Ranger
  • 2x Ratling Snipers
  • 1x Carnevale Morgue Docter & Frankenstein
  • 1x Tau Stealth Shastui
  • 1x Chaos Minotaur
  • 1x Gripping Beast Priest
  • 1x Secrets of the Third Reich US Gas Mask Heads

HANS now weighs 14,5 kg and is waiting in my entry for the address of the next recipient. As soon as that information arrives, he'll be on his way.

Thanks again to Nick Stryder for the superb organisation. It really made my day!

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