HANS! Get the hand truck!

In May I participated in the latest "Stuffbox" from the Sweetwater Community, the one from TabletopWelt got lost by Hermes - great job guys! But a new box was packed and went on its way. And with an eye on the tracking I knew HANS! would arrive today. A brief ring on the door bell and a small lipped good morning by the postman confirmed that and the heavy load of the content.

Hans IV - Die Wanderkiste

Made some room to really enjoy the deep dive into the box, and get a proper overview on the content. A lot of interesting stuff, quite the staple of boxes and bags. It'll be fun to browse its content.

Hans IV - Die Wanderkiste

And I found something of interest, the following items:

Hans IV - Die Wanderkiste Hans IV - Die Wanderkiste

  • Oathmark Goblins
  • Old minotaurs
  • Tactica event miniature
  • Killa Kans
  • Jugula rulebook

In exchange I put the following items in HANS! for the further journey.

Hans IV - Die Wanderkiste Hans IV - Die Wanderkiste
Hans IV - Die Wanderkiste Hans IV - Die Wanderkiste Hans IV - Die Wanderkiste

  • Chaos Space Marine Raptors
  • 2 Bolt Action exclusive miniatures
  • Warzone Purple Sharks
  • Warzone Brotherhood starter box
  • Old Warzone / Chronopia miniatures
  • 2 sprues of Perry Afrikakorps
  • 3 sprues of Bolt Action Waffen-SS
  • 1 sprues of Bolt Action Soviet Infantry
  • 2 sprues of Caesars Legion
  • 2 sprues of Gripping Beast Late Romans
  • 1 sprues of EIR romans
  • 2 sprues of Terminators
  • 2 sprues of Resistante soldiers
  • PlasticCraft Container

and HANS got sealed again and went back on its way to the next one in line. Kharn already has the shipping nummer and it should arrive early next week.

Posted by Dennis B.

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