Steam and October White Dwarf

On Friday the current issue (October 2019) of White Dwarf arrived, Warhammer Community already gave it a brief preview on the content. As I have the subscription issue, I have a slightly different cover. This one has a complete cover showing the artwork of the Wrath and Rapture boxed set, that was released last december.

White Dwarf - October 2019 White Dwarf - October 2019 Games Workshop - Wrath and Rapture

I was a bit surprised, as with the release of more Space Marines (Imperial Fists, Salamanders), new Vanguard Space Marines and Ynnari (Dark Eldar, Eldar boxed set) this came a bit out of nowhere. Yet, a good proportion of this issue is about the slaaneshi forces on the first pages. Followed by conversions on the Age of Sigmar range that are quite interesting, with more Stormcasts and Seraphon.

An Index Imperialis article on the Sister of Silence, could be a good ressource on the upcoming Battle Sisters release, for colour schemes. In addition they come with data cards to use them with 40k.

White Dwarf - October 2019 White Dwarf - October 2019

The issue is surprisingly low on Space Marines, just covering the new Vanguard units along with their rules for Kill Team and some conversion ideas. A new unit for Blackstone Fortress, unfortunately with a print error in the german issue, covering the inspired data card twice. A new scenario along with two new aces for Aeronautica and new rules for Necromunda's Enforcers.

White Dwarf - October 2019 White Dwarf - October 2019

The Golden Demon part is very well done, even covering a vignette of the Emperor himself. A rare sight. I loved the last double page, "playing in the 'Bunker", very fitting for this blog as I should do that more often as well.

White Dwarf - October 2019 White Dwarf - October 2019

And in case you want to follow up on your Warhammer needs on your PC as well, there is a steam sale going on until this evening.

Steam Warhammer Sale

Just be aware, there are a lot of games with a Games Workshop IP and the quality is unfortunately a bit unsteady. There are very well done games, like the Total War series (just know about the multiple DLCs) and others that are rather cheap cash grabs (and often combined with lots and lots of ingame purchases). So take the time and read the reviews on steam beforehand buying, some aren't worth it even with a discount.

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