Printed Terrain, Age of Sails and Legos

A package arrived with a couple of 6mm Adeptus Titanicus terrain, that was 3d printed in grey PLA. After I had a few ruins printed for base decoration, I found further files on thingiverse and Florian was kind enough to put them on his Ender.

Adeptus Titanicus - 3D Printed Terrain

A first couple of items was printed and look how massive they are. They are light, stable and the scale is just right. They are big enough to provide cover even for the gigantic Warlord class titans.

Adeptus Titanicus - 3D Printed Terrain Adeptus Titanicus - 3D Printed Terrain Adeptus Titanicus - 3D Printed Terrain

I'll later add the profiles / setting, how they were printed. And of course, with 3d printing being a rather new technology that becomes more and more affordable and domesticated, it is still a lot of try & error. So a couple of misprints were among them, but hey ... it's terrain, so you can use those as ruins, rubble or base decoration.

Adeptus Titanicus - 3D Printed Terrain Adeptus Titanicus - 3D Printed Terrain Adeptus Titanicus - 3D Printed Terrain

I'll be at Crisis on november 9th, and I'll prepare a preview / prelude for the show (as I did in 2015 and 2017). But as am I currently waiting for a status on Brexit and how that affects Crisis in november (some of the traders might not be able to participate, due to unclear custom regulations or larger problems to prepare a temporary custom export), that article is a bit in the uncertain but should be online after the weekend.

After building the Mack Anthem, I am currently waiting for my first bricklink order from Norway and got myself the next medium sized Lego Technic Set 42098, the car transporter. At roughly 2,500 parts it is a solid brick donator, but I like the scale and its purpose to carry multiple vehicles (it is kept in the same scale as the versatile Corvette kit) is a fun build.

Lego Technic 42098 Car Transporter Lego Technic 42098 Car Transporter

But back in the day, Lego had two other kits, that handled cars, the 42008 service truck and the 8109 flatbed truck, and those are really interesting and fill me with an idea to convert the car transporter. I won't build the double decker, but more a variant of the 8109, similar to an Mercedes Atego flatbed tow truck with trailer. I have to see how I can combine the differential and lowering mechanism in the chassis, but I got time 😀

Lego Technic 42008 Service Truck Lego Technic 8109 Flatbed Truck

Oh and last friday the Black Seas kits arrived. And I'm already so totaly hooked, it is so much fun to build these Age of Sail ships. Very detailled, absolutely stunning. I did a brief calculation on the points and went a bit overboard, as I already have two fleets of around 1,500 points (a regular game seems to be set at 1k points), but I have some ideas how to handle that. But more on that in the review and following articles on Black and Cruel Seas.

Black Seas - Assembled Ships

With the weekend ahead of us, enjoy the time, have a game or two, build and/or paint some models. Have a good one and drop by soon. Oh and HANS! is on it's way. But that 21,5 kg box of joy is worth a post of its own.

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