Crisis 2015 Teaser

This weekend it is time for Crisis in Antwerp, and as it is the biggest wargaming event in continental europe i am really excited and looking forward for this long weekend in Belgium.

So what am i excited about? First of all, the novelties on this show are broad and diverse, so from tiny 6mm up to 40mm, from fictional to historical there are so many things to see. What did catch my eye before the show?

Crisis 2015 Plan Crisis 2015 Plan

Crooked Dice is going to release their 2nd edition of 7TV, covering a nice starter box (pre-order 40 GBP) with shiny tokens etc and you can add special starter deals to it, at 15 Pounds each. You can choose from 6 different starter casts with 8 miniatures each, among others a Spy set covering an amazing Sean Connery sculpt.

Dave Thomas will be taking care of Perry Miniatures, with a large booth like in the last years. Already put up my pre-order, covering some supplements to my spanish Crusaders (need more cavalry!) and world war II armies. About the rest, i am going to be spontaneous.

Dice Bag Lady will be there as well, and i'll drop by to pick up some treasure for Frostgrave. If you are looking for nice dice bags and some assorted female miniatures, look no further - Annie has them!

I am excited to visit Wargames Soldiers & Strategy, as Guy Bowers is going to host his newest publication "Black Ops". Really looking forward to have a chat with him about the game, and most likely going to get a copy of the book.

I'll visit Warlord Games for sure, as i am excited what they are going to show about the currently released Gates of Antares starter box. Maybe we'll see some novelties and pre-releases.

The german trader / distributor Fantasy Warehouse will be there, and like at the Spiel they invited Rubicon to come along, as well as Kraken Wargames, who currently have a Kickstarter for their gaming mats.

I am not sure, how much or even if i am going to spend any money at Empress Miniatures. They have rather poor offers (buy 4 get 1 free) and had even poorer exchanges on Pound / Euro. Beside that, they charge you 8,50 GBP for the 7,50 Euro Tsuba Blisters.

Heer46 will be there and show some of their 28mm novelties. I posted my review on the SdKfz 247 recently, and i am looking forward to buy their new bases with broken eagle. The Tightheadprop will be painting at his booth, so pay them a visit if you want to see Carsten live and in action.

Wargames Illustrated has a new management and a new giants in miniature range. I am a big fan of their digital issues, and enjoy the monthly content on my tablet.

Never the less, like i said, i am excited about the event. If you want to see my coverage on past Crisis, just take a look over at the event category. See you in Antwerp!

Link: TinSoldiers of Antwerp

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  1. War nett, dich mal wieder getroffen zu haben. Mit Black Ops hat sich unser halber Verein eingedeckt und gleich beim Empress Modelle mitgenommen.

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