Pizza Rolls, Lego Trucks and the Weekend

Long time, no cooking on here. But a chance to fix that! To take care of my colleagues in the office on my birthday, I made some pizza rolls as Finger food.

Pizza Rolls

You can make your own ingredients or buy one of the pizza kits (those where the dough and sauce is included). I pre-mix the filling, and believe me, you need less amount than you would expect. You get along with with around half or 2/3rd of the tomato sauce, get a good hand full of shredded cheese and thinly sliced pepperoni in there and mix thoroughly.

I added a bit of tomato paste, oregano, chili flakes, salt and pepper. You could mix it up for example with a couple of spoons of pesto or bacon. Spread the filling around 3/4 of the dough and leave a strip of around an inch clear on top and gently roll the dough up and close it with the clear part of the dough. Depending on the tackiness of the dough you could brush a bit of beaten egg yolk to bond the dough. I wrapped the roll in aluminium foil and put them in a freezer for an hour to harden.

Once the roll is set, you can cut it in half-inch slices and put them on an oven sheet or in a muffin tin. I sprinkled a bit of cheese on top, you could put a tea spoon of the mixture on top of the slices if you want them to be more hearty. Put them in the oven for 10-12 minutes at 180° C circulation air and let them rest a bit afterwards.

Pizza Rolls Pizza Rolls Pizza Rolls Pizza Rolls Pizza Rolls

I got this in summer as an birthday present, but on the condition to wait until my birthday to build it. It is the Lego Technic 42078 Mack Anthem.

Lego Technic - 42078 Mack Anthem Lego Technic - 42078 Mack Anthem

Great kit, almost 2.600 pieces. The B-model is great as well and it took me most of the day to build the truck itself. And maybe you know about ReBrickable, it is a website, where people share their own creation, partly with instruction, so there is a lot of additional creations to build from these parts. I already have my eyes on the Mack Granite. ReBrickable is amazing, I already build four different builds from the 42093 Corvette kit, most recently the LeMan car.

Lego Technic - 42078 Mack Anthem Lego Technic - 42078 Mack Anthem Lego Technic - 42078 Mack Anthem Lego Technic - 42078 Mack Anthem

I really enjoy Lego. The building experience is amazing and once you have a decent stock, the possibilites for your own ideas are almost limitless. Very creative hobby, similar to ours and I can say, I certainly enjoy the building parts, that is one of the reasons why you see so many build reports on here on several different plastic kits from wargaming.

To give you a heads up, whats coming next. We had already the introduction of Cruel Seas, with the German large vessel coming up, and Black Seas in october. Beyond that, there will be the third season of Warhammer Underworlds, Beastgrave, that will be reviewed and to start with the Korea spin-off of Bolt Action, the (at least by me) long awaited Centurion tank!

Warhammer Underworlds - Beastgrave Bolt Action - Centurion Mk III

We went out for dinner last friday to Zum Hannes, one of the best steak restaurants in the area. I had to book early August and even then it was a bit of luck that we got a table. It was worth it, great food, solid portions and reasonable prices.

Zum Hannes - Filet Steak

I had the chance over the last two weeks to catch up on my back log, not much but a bit. I gave The Spy on Netflix a chance, a bit weird to see Sacha Baron Cohen in a serious role and I had troubles to buy his acting. About not so convincing roles, Dark Phoenix is something that you give a pass on unless you really want to see the final installment. Otherwise, use that time otherwise. Disentchantment is back on Netflix with the second part of season one, it is okay, but lacks the sharpness of Futurma. To stay with the Netflix, but focus on upcomig movies, there will be the Breaking Bad movie El Camino in october, and one movie that I am really excited about - The Irishman. I am huge fan of Scorsese, De Niro and Pacino, I loved Goodfellas and have a soft touch for Mafia movies - so that is a proper match for me.

Have a great remaining weekend and enjoy the hobby.

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