Dino’s November 2022

Yes, the recap for December is also almost due and yet I'm only now showing you my recap for November - well, I'll try to explain....

Hobbywise, I started a lot this month, hoping to use December to reach my goal for the year. Among other things, I started the third Blood Bowl player to have at least half the Blitz Bowl team completely painted.

Community Blood Bowl Team - Human Player

The skin is finished, but in the meantime I haven't painted anymore on it. At the moment, I'm preoccupied with the thought that while I like having complete Blood Bowl teams, I don't actually like playing Blood Bowl anymore. It just plays tedious and slow, and my last game was ages ago now. still, it's fun to paint up another team and fill my Fantasy Football showcase section with it.

What takes up a little more space in the display case is terrain for Mortal Gods. I have begun to paint the three mediterranean looking houses.

Greek Buildings

All have received three to four coats of Titanium Bluff as a base color, one of the colors Bob Ross used to like to paint with, which resembles a nice shade of almost white beige. If I'm lucky, the buildings will be finished in December, which will make my Mortal Gods table look considerably more filled.

I also started a temple ruin and I'm toying with the idea of creating two more pieces in this style. They visually transfer the table quite quickly into the Greek antiquity, which is the real goal of the whole thing.

Greek Buildings Greek Buildings

I’d like to paint the pillar like this

Greek Buildings

So, as you can see, I did rather a lot at half pace in November, which is not surprising. I already mentioned that I've had a new, quite engaging job since August, and in November I had a personal review about my performance so far.

I think I need to explain why this is weighing on my mind. In the past two years, I have lost my job three times. Admittedly, my career path has been rather bumpy and not really according to plan...actually, so much stressful stuff has happened in the last 36 months that this is just the tip of the iceberg, but sticking with the job for now. So, I've been trying to revisit the whole thing, going back to the beginning and subjecting myself to the humiliation of starting over again as a beginner in my profession. Coupled with the constant anxiety of being the sole provider to cover the running costs and feed the family, it's quite a lot of pressure mentally. In particular, after several failed attempts, you start to ask yourself "Is it me?". I now know the answer to that: No. Until now, I always thought it was an empty phrase when someone told me "It's just not a good fit," but I've actually learned that there is a lot of truth in that phrase. My new employer not only promotes me, I have also been shown an appreciation that I have long lacked in my professional life and that has made me doubt myself.

My probationary period also ended early in November with the end of my personnel interview - three months earlier than expected. That was a huge boost for me, and I'm continuing to get stuck in. So it's only in the nature of things that my hobby time will continue to melt away accordingly. But maybe I can continue to combine both - I've already taken the opportunity this year to visit a club once or twice and play a few games during my free time at a work assignment in another city.

However, I have to rethink the goals I have set myself for 2023. I don't want to go into that until December, or rather in my annual review. So let's move on to the budget...


Budget Challenge

 As announced, I started this month with a negative, but I didn't think it would be a problem, and I was right - without any new expenses, I'm back to just about 30 euros for December.


My budget in November:

Balance previous month: -9,53 €

November 2022 budget: 10,47 €

November 2022 spending: 0 €

November 2022 rest: 10,47 €


Expenses for work materials:

November: 0 €

Balance until November 2022: 84,84 €


That leaves me with just around 30 Euros for December, which is unfortunately not enough to get a box of Darkoath Scavengers, a really nice WarCry warband from a modeling point of view. Well, maybe I'll afford the bunch next year, although I plan to maintain my course of great moderation. But that's a topic for next time.


Greetings from the Chaosbunker


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