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Koyo announced their new series of Warhammer faction pins and to take a closer look, the send us a few of their current Warhammer Age of Sigmar 2nd series.

Koyo - Warhammer Age of Sigmar Mystery Faction Pin Series 2

The pins are 4,95 GBP / 5,95 EUR and come in blind packs. Each series has 12 regular silver pins and a special golden one. Each icon covers one faction.

Koyo - Warhammer Age of Sigmar Mystery Faction Pin Series 2

They are packed in glossy small foils and you can't see from the outside what's in there. You can feel a rough outline, so certain designs will be identifiable with your finger tips. The small booklets are branded in their according system, as Koyo offers these for 40k and Age of Sigmar. I got myself some from the older 40k series earlier last year.

In case of the samples Koyo sent me, I got the Ossiarch Bonereaper, Ogre, Sylvaneth and Fyreslayer, with two doubles. From one of the older sets, I got the Imperial Fists insignia. The pins are about 2,5 - 3 cm wide, so about an inch in diameter.

Koyo - Warhammer Mystery Faction Pins Koyo - Warhammer Mystery Faction Pins

Each set covers a 13th symbol in gold, and I got lucky, with the 40k set back in the day I managed to get the eye of Horus, and with the Age of Sigmar set, Lady Luck gave me the Skaven symbol.

Koyo - Warhammer Badges Koyo - Warhammer Badges Koyo - Warhammer Mystery Faction Pins

In one of the last pre-order articles, we got a preview on the 4th series of Warhammer 40k and 3rd series of Age of Sigmar. Have to say, that Howling Griffon, Sisters of Battle as well as the Eldar are nice looking.

Koyo - Warhammer Mystery Faction Pins Age of Sigmar 3rd and 40.000 4th series

Pins have quite the history with Games Workshop and are produced for various occasions. You got them for release events, conventions like Games Day or Warhammer Fest, they have Black Library series with insigna of various Legions and Regiments. And of course, a lot of instore events, like the New Army or Armies on Parade, while the most sought after is earned - the Golden Demon Finalist pin.

Warhammer 40,000 - Horus Heresy Pin Badges Games Workshop - Store Pins

This is classical merch and a nice item to add to your cap, lanyard or army bag - if you fancy it. I myself like the idea of faction pins. Yes, I'm less of a fan for the blind bags, but I know of a lot of stores, where they have a few pins unpacked and when you buy one, you can swap them for one of those already unpacked or trade it with another hobbyist.

The price is reasonable and even buying a few without hitting the ones you're after is cheaper than buying that exact one you want from eBay. You can buy them directly from Koyo or at Games Workshop and various FLGS.

Koyo offers various other 40k and Age of Sigmar merch beyond these faction pins. Just give it a look on their website - The Koyo Store

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