March 2024 review

While longer than february, the month of march felt shorter. So what happened?

This month two deliveries of Stormbringer arrived, with most recently the 3rd shipment of magazine 8 to 13, we already covered on here.

Age of Sigmar Stormbringer Magazine 08 to 13 Age of Sigmar Stormbringer Magazine 08 to 13 Age of Sigmar Stormbringer Magazine 08 to 13

I am really looking forward to shipment number 4, as this is will be the first with the premium content and giving us access to a huge dragon, Krondys, which we will cover in a review of its own.

And while I didn't make further progress on the Warcry Warbands, that will be something for April. Yet, I managed to continue my progress on the Blood Bowl High Elves Team and a proper article will follow, but painting has priority.

Blood Bowl - Caledor Dragons

Regarding painting, we had more hobbytime and I got my daughter miniature painting with a Bluey sculpture from a child's magazine, that I brought along as a small present from my business trip to Berlin.

Daddy Daughter Hobby Time with Bluey Daddy Daughter Hobby Time with Bluey

It's been a while, due to remote and hybrid working the amount of onsite workshops and meetings has noticibly reduced, and as someone who enjoys the occasional travel, I was quite happy that Berlin finally happened. Around my meetings I had some time and was able to visit the city, and the Computerspielemuseum, and look who I saw there!

Berlin - Brandenburger Tor Berlin - St. Georg – Der Drachentöter Berlin - Prenzlauer Berg Velodrom

Berlin - Computerspielemuseum Berlin - Computerspielemuseum Berlin - Computerspielemuseum

Unfortunately the Bluey magazine wasn't the only thing that I brought along from Berlin, coming down with a cold last weekend and thus missing Bitbox. An event that I really was looking forward to, but were no in condition to participate.

Yet, I managed to close some gaps in my Bretonnian collection, I ordered some heroes from the initial run and they arrived rather quickly (I just wrote the article on the Made-to-Order models earlier this month), yet the Squires that should have been released on March 16th, were only send the monday after and arrived on friday 22nd. Will cover them in an article on their own, as they will kick off a small warband project, similar to my Beastmen.

Warhammer Fantasy - Made to Order Bretonnian Characters Warhammer Fantasy - Made to Order Bretonnian Characters Warhammer Fantasy - Classic Bretonnian Squires

Beyond that we managed to catch up on our backlog, I'm currently working on the coverage on Marvel Zombies, and will take on further Star Wars Terrain, after covering the Shatterpoint Terrain sets. In addition Feldherr jumped in and sent us one of their inlays, we covered them among other items for Underworlds in the past, and this time we even have a discount code "CHAOS24" which gives you 5 EUR off (on orders of 50 EURs and more, valid until 31.07.2024).

Asmodee - Zombicide Marvel Zombies Feldherr - Marvel Zombies Inlays Star Wars Legions - Crashed X-Wing and Crashed Escape Pod

Further on - Happy Easter, enjoy the holidays, I hope you are able to squeeze some hobby time in!

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