German Reich


sub_badtreichMy german armies for Bolt Action are the german Heer and the Afrikakorps, with fitting background to both.

The (fictional) 37th Infantry Division of the Wehrmacht, that was active from october '36 til may '45. They saw battle at the western front, Normandy and later battles at the eastern front as well. The infantry division was turned mobile in the first wave and belongs to the Garnison Schwarzenbruck. The 37th uses a boar as insignia, therefore their nickname "Keiler" (wild boar).

Bolt Action - 37. Infanterie-Division

During their active duty, the 37th Infantry Division was lead by only one division commander,

1936 - 1941 Generalleutnant Freiherr von Schwarzenbruck
1943 - 1945 Generalmajor Freiherr von Schwarzenbruck

You don't find the regular division structure behind the 37th of infantry (later grenadier) regiments and pioneer bataillons, but a mixture of experimental units. The core is primarely infantry and mechanised infantry, but they are supported by other formations like the Waffen SS, tank units and Fallschirmjäger. Through this special treatment the 37th has access to experimental equipment in their operations, like the ZG 1229 and several prototypes of gear and tanks.

As a camouflage pattern for the tanks, I have a combination of Hinterhalttarn and Splittertarn, in my mind, like it was used by the third tank army / Groß-Deutschland in Lithuania.

Tank Splinter Camo[image source: Tank Encyclopedia]

Theatre Selector – “Normandy 1944”

Recruited troops:

vehicle pool:

Tiger II (Die Waffenkammer)
Tiger I (Warlord Games)
Panzer III (Warlord Games)
Hetzer (Warlord Games)
Jagdtiger (Die Waffenkammer)
SdKfz 234/2 Puma (Warlord Games)
SdKfz 251 (Warlord Games)
Panther Ausf. A (Warlord Games)
Panther Ausf. G (Rubicon Models)
Aufklärungspanther (Rubicon Models / Warlord Games)
Ferdinand (Warlord Games)

Troop requirement list: (means: still to be bought)
WT auf PzKpfw IV, Panther Ausf. F Schmallturm,

To build:

Panzerzug Steyr

Warlord Games Panther Ausf A Fleischmann Magic Train

BoltActionPrep SdKfzPumaDesert2

Paint in Progress - Hetzer Paint in Progress - Hetzer Paint in Progress - Hetzer

Dt. Afrika Korps

Theatre Selector – “Rommels Defeat 1942-43”

10 Heer Veteran Infantry squad 1x SMG, 1x LMG - 153 Pts
10 Heer Veteran Infantry squad 1x SMG, 1x LMG - 153 Pts
10 Heer Pioneer squad  6x SMG, 1x LMG - 162 Pts
10 Heer Infantry squad 1x SMG, 1x LMG - 123 Pts
10 Heer Infantry squad 1x SMG, 1x LMG - 123 Pts

1 Medium 81mm Mortar  (reg) - 50 Pts
1 Light 50mm Mortar (reg) - 35 Pts
1 50mm Pak 38 (reg) - 95 Pts
1 88mm Flak (reg) - 185 Pts

Stug III (Warlord Games)
Marder III Ausf. M (Warlord Games)
Panzer III Ausf. L (Rubicon Models)
Panzer IV Ausf. H 7,5 cm (Warlord Games)
Panzer IV Ausf. H 10,5 cm (Warlord Games)

Tiger I (Rubicon Models)
SdKfz 251 (Warlord Games)
2x Opel Blitz (Warlord Games)

Troop requirement list:
Further transport vehicles, Panzer III / IV platoon (4-5 Panzer),