Spanish Nationalists


Last list to be announced is again an Axies force, Nationalists from the Spanish Civil War. The motor pool is rather light, beeing supported by the Germans, so it will be a Panzer II and some interwar tanks. I am not sold on the proper army list to use these, I have some carlists, Guardia Civil and some early war germans, so I was thinking about some of the smaller nations from the Italy and the Axies book. Alternatively a restricted early war list from the germans.

The core of the army are Carlists, radical catholics, who fought on the nationalists side in the scw. The idea behind this army is a small force from northern Spain, that collected and rescued relics. Most miniatures are from Empress Miniatures, with some inquisition miniatures added from Victoria Miniatures. Why? Because nobody expects the spanish inquisition! The spaniards will be played by the "Armies of Germany" Book. The carlists will most likely be early war Waffen-SS, due to the fanatics rule. They are supported by 2 squads of Guardia Civil (mixed quality Volksgrenadiers), a squad of spanish soldiers with german equipment (Heer Infantry), as well as 2 squads of moroccan mercenaries (uncertain if Osttruppen or Volksgrenadiers). Of course a small tank pool may not be missed. So i got them a Hispano Suiza MC-36 (by Minairon Miniatures), and a Panzer II as well as a BA-6 AC by Warlord Games.

Bolt Action - Spain Bolt Action - Carlists

Osprey - Men at Arms Spanish Civil War

Spanish Civil War / List from Italy and Axies or Early War German List?
Panzer II
Some Copplestone interwar tanks

1st Corps Vehicles Bolt Action - Moroccan Mercenaries Matchbox - Models of Yesteryear

Marokkanische Söldner
Guarda Civil
Legion Condor / spanisches Militär in deutscher Uniform / Blaue Division


Spanish Inquisition (First Lieutenant, Veteran) +2 Vet, 3x SMG - 116 Pts
Padre "Médico" (Medic) + 1 Vet, - 38 Pts
Padre "Salvatore" (AFO) + 1 Reg, - 110 Pts


10 Carlist Squad (Waffen-SS Squad Early War) 2x SMG, Fanatics - 169 Pts
10 Guardia Civil (Volksgrenadiere) 2x SMG - 111 Pts
10 Guardia Civil (Volksgrenadiere) 2x SMG - 111 Pts
10 Nationalist Soldiers in German Equipment (Heer Infantry) 1x SMG, 1x LMG - 123 Pts
10 Moroccan Mercenaries (Osttruppen) 1x SMG, 1x LMG - 63 Pts
10 Moroccan Mercenaries (Osttruppen) 1x SMG, 1x LMG - 63 Pts
5 Moroccan Mercenaries (Volkssturm) 1x SMG - 38 Pts

Don Quijote and Sancho Panza (Motorcycle with Sidecar) vet - 48 Pts

Carros de Combate

Panzer II A reg - 105 Pts
Captured BA-6 (BA-10 due to lack of own rules) inexp - 96 Pts
Hispano Suiza MC-36 (Maybe as BA-10) reg - 120 Pts

Total : 1311 Pts

Tanks either grey (Wehrmacht), green (Russian / captured republican vehicles) or camo (green, beige and a bit brown). Spanish flag and St. Andreas cross for FOE identification.

Currently the army has a Panzer II, a Hispano Suiza MC-36 and BA-6. Potential expansions / further reinforcement would be an CV33, an IZ AC, a T-26 and maybe an Panzer Ia.


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  1. How can you get what?

  2. Hi good sir this is Great! I too Love SCW wargames. Wanted to tell you just FYI Sir they never used Panzer IIs in Spain. They had about 6 Panzer 1s used fitted with an Aircraft 20mm. I tell you this having myself thought the Panzer II had been used do to bad info. I read.

  3. Thanks for the heads up!

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