Gripping Beast Late Roman Infantry

While most associate Gripping Beast with their SAGA success story and most recently the release of Swordpoint, they presented the latest SAGA supplement Aetius & Arthur in late November. A matching plastic kit was released earlier this year, the Late Roman Infantry.

Gripping Beast - Late Roman Infantry


Evaluating SAGA

It is time again, to take a look at another open project. After evaluating Blood Bowl, and before that Dystopian Wars including the consequences of the decision (yes, I sold my prussians), the next system to be discussed is a larger "project" - SAGA.


Of Anglosaxons and Pirates

As promised, the next update! I will show you some pictures of an upcoming article about SAGA. In this case my own warband of Anglo Saxons. Consisting of Musketeer Miniatures (pewter) and Gripping Beasts (plastics).

Anglo Saxons for SAGA