Victrix – Armoured Iberian Warriors

Victrix Ltd started with a huge range of napoleonic sets, and recently entered the ancient armies. A bit of a niché range among those are the Iberians, the ancient spanish tribes, of which today the armoured warriors will be reviewed.

Victrix - Armoured Iberian Warriors


Iron Kingdom – The Undercity Boardgame

Inside the World of Warmachine and Hordes, the Iron Kingdoms, there are tabletop and role playing games and even miniature board games. The latest spin-off board game is "The Undercity" (here seen the german version "Die Unterstadt").

Iron Kingdom - The Undercity Boardgame


Summer Sale #2

Continued sales offers. Paypal accepted, world wide shipping offered.

5 Lord of the Rings Uruk Hai Berserkers - 15 EUR
4 Lord of the Rings Orc Commando Unit - 12 EUR
1 Lord of the Rings Rohan Elite mounted warrior - sold

Lord of the Rings - Orcs and Rohan

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Technik-Museum Speyer

Two weeks ago, i had a work-related journey to the Technik-Museum in Speyer, Rhineland Palatine.

Technik-Museum Speyer 2016


Dead of Winter, a board game and theme for Bolt Action

Last weekend, we used one of the last remaining weekends in Coblenz for another painting-get-together.

Painting Get Together


Bolt Action M8 Greyhound / M20 Scout Car

Before the Sherman Firefly and Churchill will pop up in the novelties for Bolt Action, i'll take a look at the M8/M20 Scout Car by Warlord Games.

Bolt Action - M8 / M20 Scout Car Bolt Action - M8 / M20 Scout Car


Moving Sale #1

I'm moving, that means i am selling.

First batch of goods, that i want to part with.

Lord of the Rings Uruk Hai Warband, perfect for SAGA 6 Points incl. Trolls, Characters like Saruman and several Champions - 60 EUR - reserved

Sale - SAGA Uruk Hai

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Moving and cooking

A short update for the summer time. You've seen the coverage on reviews and some recent travels like Salute or the Burg Stahleck.

I've been busy preparing my move in a few weeks. I am trading in this view from my desk in the Chaosbunker.

Ausblick Bruederhaus

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Heidelberger Burgevent Stahleck 2016

The annual event hosted by the Heidelberger Spieleverlag at Stahleck Castle for supporters, colleagues and friends was this weekend. So where to begin? With a parking lot picture of course.

Heidelberger Burgevent Stahleck 2016

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Rubicon Models M8 Scott

Plastic is more and more present in wargaming, and with the popularity of the setting and scale, it is no wonder that companies like Rubicon keep releasing new kits. This time, i'll be covering the M8 Scott / M5A1.

Rubicon Models - M8 Scott Rubicon Models - M8 Scott