Bonn – Haus der Geschichte

On the same day as the FeenCon, i visited the Haus der Geschichte (House of History) in Bonn.

It has a main exhibition, covering the german history since the mid / end of World War Two and two smaller guest exhibitions, of which the first was "Inszeniert - Deutsche Geschichte im Spielfilm" (Staged - German History in the movies), covering the coping with german history in moving pictures.

Haus der Geschichte -Deutsche Geschichte im Spielfilm


FeenCon 2016

The Guild of Fantay-Role players hostes annually the FeenCon in the civic center of Bad-Godesberg near Bonn. Especially among role players the event enjoys a good reputation, so the crowded parking lot is no wonder.

FeenCon 2016 FeenCon 2016


Arrived in Montabaur!

As mentioned earlier, I moved in July / August from Koblenz to Montabaur. The move is complete, the furniture set up, and I can enjoy the new view.

Schloss Montabaur

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Victrix – Armoured Iberian Warriors

Victrix Ltd started with a huge range of napoleonic sets, and recently entered the ancient armies. A bit of a niché range among those are the Iberians, the ancient spanish tribes, of which today the armoured warriors will be reviewed.

Victrix - Armoured Iberian Warriors


Iron Kingdom – The Undercity Boardgame

Inside the World of Warmachine and Hordes, the Iron Kingdoms, there are tabletop and role playing games and even miniature board games. The latest spin-off board game is "The Undercity" (here seen the german version "Die Unterstadt").

Iron Kingdom - The Undercity Boardgame


Summer Sale #2

Continued sales offers. Paypal accepted, world wide shipping offered.

5 Lord of the Rings Uruk Hai Berserkers - 15 EUR
4 Lord of the Rings Orc Commando Unit - 12 EUR
1 Lord of the Rings Rohan Elite mounted warrior - sold

Lord of the Rings - Orcs and Rohan

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Technik-Museum Speyer

Two weeks ago, i had a work-related journey to the Technik-Museum in Speyer, Rhineland Palatine.

Technik-Museum Speyer 2016


Dead of Winter, a board game and theme for Bolt Action

Last weekend, we used one of the last remaining weekends in Coblenz for another painting-get-together.

Painting Get Together


Bolt Action M8 Greyhound / M20 Scout Car

Before the Sherman Firefly and Churchill will pop up in the novelties for Bolt Action, i'll take a look at the M8/M20 Scout Car by Warlord Games.

Bolt Action - M8 / M20 Scout Car Bolt Action - M8 / M20 Scout Car


Moving Sale #1

I'm moving, that means i am selling.

First batch of goods, that i want to part with.

Lord of the Rings Uruk Hai Warband, perfect for SAGA 6 Points incl. Trolls, Characters like Saruman and several Champions - 60 EUR - reserved

Sale - SAGA Uruk Hai

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