Gaming Capitals

Last weekend i was in Nuremberg, City of one toy show, and this week i'll head to Essen, City of the other toy show.

But lets start with Nuremberg, interesting city, great food, delicious beer and a really nice old town.

Beside a incredibly entertaining evening in the vault of the Alten Küch'n, including medieval knights banquet and matching singing (Ja so warn's die alten Rittersleut - that's how they were the old knights), i followed the name of the legendary Ultracomix in Nuremberg. A local gaming store on 1,000 m² and 3 levels plus gaming area? I had to see that! In the display cases funny and interesting things were shown, like this Asterix Diorama.

The vault offers a lot of stuff to see if you´re into wargaming or miniatures. Finally a store with a large range that i could browse.

A definite plus is the great choice of products, even SAGA and some other historical systems you wouldn't normally find in Germany. A bargain bin including Void Blisters for a few euros, i had to grab a few. For those who are interested, they even have some Confrontation left at 50% off.
A big turn off was the exchange rate from pound to euro, SAGA blisters that could 3,50 gbp for 6 Euros was heavy, should've waited for the Crisis. But at 18 euros for 8 Saga dice i put them back to the shelf.

But Nuremberg doesn't just offer tabletop, but has a high densitiy of factory outlets, so a visit to Adidas was mandatory!

A look ahead and the preparation for the Spiel in Essen startet. From thursday to sunday the fair gathers large amounts of exhibitors and visitors, i'll be there on the first day and do coverage on here.

The wishlist is already written and i'll gonna play santa for a few of the editors, as i bring some nice stuff with me.

I'm really looking forward to the event and to meet a lot of people i haven't seen in a while. Feel free to talk to me.

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