Paint off, Paint on

I have chosen to strip the Kingtiger off the paint, using Mellerud as it can be used for Resin. Gave it a quick bath for 2 hours and got rid of all the remaining primer and flakes.

Waffenkammer Königstiger

Last time i already wrote, that i always use a primer before using a color primer. The resin is so smooth, the paint can barely get any grip. Always use a proper primer!


Above you see the M4A4 Sherman Hull. I have to apologize to Die Waffenkammer. As my further research showed, the later Sherman had longer hulls, some more than 6m in length. And the Kingtiger is 10m long with the gun, the chassis is around 7m, so the tanks in the pictures i have shown you have the proper scale.

Waffenkammer Scale Waffenkammer Scale

Next paint job, Vallejo Olive Drab, preparing some american tanks.

Vallejo Surface Primer Olive Drab

I used the remaining color to try out the first camo stripes on top of the Dunkelgelb.

German Tank Camo


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  1. entfärben war definitiv die richtige Entscheidung, hättest dich sonst nachher nur über die Unstimmigkeiten geärgert.

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