Winter is coming

Winter is coming. I finally completed the 35 Points of Khadorians. I really pushed myself to finish these miniatures ... and i had the deadline for the next Tabletop Insider 😉

Khador Butcher Khador Mechaniks Khador Troopers

It is not my best work and i can do better, but it is solid for gaming. Especially due to the fact, that the miniatures really pushed me to the edge. I am not a big fan of the plastic resin stuff they use for the Warjacks and Manowars. In addition, the casting quality of the infantry, i have seen worse but i have seen better, and you really feel the age of these. Beside that, especially with the Mechanics, clone troopers is such a no-go.

Long story short, a solid wash of Army Painter Strongtone and drybrush with Bleached Bone brings you quite far. In addition the armoured miniatures received some chipping and drybrush with Gunmetal.

Khador Jacks Khador Manowars

Depending on how my motivation with the Khadorians keeps up, i have some further steps for this Warband. I have some decals from Warlord Games and Battlefield soviet kits. And i could add some fine detailling, more highlights and colors.

Khador Decals

And after all the "have-to" painting, some "want-to" Painting. I bring to you Alf. Still a bit to do, but hey ... it's Alf! 😀


To finish the winter theme, the first arrivals from the Baker Company Kickstarter. Boy am i unsatisfied. Not only took it ages to even receive something and then it is this. 38 Miniatures is the first batch and look at it. A couple of neckless, sausage fingered soldiers. So, if any of you is interested in buying them, drop me a line.

Baker Company - Finns Baker Company - Finns

So what is next? More tank-painting and taking the experience and motivation from the Khadorians into other projects. Bolt Action? Infiniy? Maybe Saga? We will see.

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