SCW and Survivors

I had to take a longer break, as my health forced me to re-arrange my plans of the last weeks.

The work on Bolt Action continued and i pursued the concept of my spanish civil war army for early war. I converted the acw zuaves from the perry twins into moroccan mercenaries for my spaniards. Just some weapon conversions missing.

Bolt Action - Moroccan Mercenaries Bolt Action - Moroccan Mercenaries

The core of the army are Carlists, radical catholics, who fought on the nationalists side in the scw. The idea behind this army is a small force from northern Spain, that collected and rescued relics. Most miniatures are from Empress Miniatures, with some inquisition miniatures added from Victoria Miniatures. Why? Because nobody expects the spanish inquisition! The spaniards will be played by the "Armies of Germany" Book. The carlists will most likely be early war Waffen-SS, due to the fanatics rule. They are supported by 2 squads of Guardia Civil (mixed quality Volksgrenadiers), a squad of spanish soldiers with german equipment (Heer Infantry), as well as 2 squads of morrocan mercenaries (uncertain if Osttruppen or Volksgrenadiers). Of course a small tank pool may not be missed. So i got them a Hispano Suiza MC-36 (by Minairon Miniatures), and a Panzer II as well as a BA-6 AC by Warlord Games.

I got myself a small batch of Mail-Order vehicles by Warlord Games. A Ferdinand tank hunter, BA-6 Armoured Car, Hellcat and Phenomen Granit H25 Truck.

Bolt Action - Tanks

The casting quality of the new kits is amazing, the chains and turret are incredibly crispy and clean.

Bolt Action - Hellcat Bolt Action - Hellcat

Hasslefree had a summer-sale with 20% off, so i bought a couple of single miniatures and a few sets from Studio Miniatures, that i originally planned to buy at Crisis. That way the A-Team and some survivors from both parts of the Left 4 Dead series arrived at my place (the sets are listed as Barca & the Boys and Z-Squads).

Studio Miniatures - A Team Studio Miniatures - Z-Squads

So when i am fully regenerated, i'll be  back with a couple of pictures of painted miniatures.

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